Fresh Strawberries Village Candle Review

Fresh Strawberries Village Candle Review

Today I thought I’d review the Fresh Strawberries Village Candle which I received way back in December as a Christmas present. Not heard of the company or wondering how they compare to their identical competitor Yankee Candle? Fear not, I recently wrote a whole blog post about Village Candle VS Yankee Candle where I compare the two, so do be sure to check that out if you are interested. Anyway, back to the Fresh Strawberries Village Candle. This is a 26oz candle that is said to last 170 hours burn time. Pretty hefty claim huh? Although I haven’t been counting hours, I can tell you that I’ve been burning this candle on and off since I got it and it is only just beginning to get to the bottom so although I can’t vouch for it lasting exactly 170 hours, I can say that it does last a long time and for me, that is something I am happy about. Another thing worth mentioning is that this candle has a fantastic burn. I think a big reason for this is because of it containing two wicks. By being a dual wick candle I just find the candle burns way more evenly but at the same time burn time isn’t substituted. After trying this out I really wish more companies would begin using multiple wicks as I just love the way they work.

In terms of the scent, the candle has really great scent throw and the scent is distributed nice and evenly which I think is partly down to the dual wick and partly due to the quality of the candle its self. Now, the only real problem that I have with the candle is the scent its self. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it nor do I think it is unpleasant, I just find it to be quite synthetic. You know how sometimes you buy a strawberry scented bubble bath and it has that really fake strawberry smell? This is what the Fresh Strawberries Village Candle smells like. Luckily I do quite enjoy the scent however, I was expecting it to be a little more authentic but I guess that is because I am used to Yankee Candles where their fragrance blends tend to be of really high quality.

The only other thing that annoys me a little is the fact that Village Candle have blatantly ripped off the famous Yankee Candle packaging. Their logo is ridiculously identical as is their label style and even their jar shape. If you just glanced, you’d probably think this was a Yankee Candle, I know I did when I first received it. I’m assuming Village Candles have based their design around Yankee’s so more people will try them as an alternative to Yankee. Although I do think Village Candles are on par with the quality of Yankee (I’m guilty of comparing the two companies to death!) I think Village Candles are good in their own right and they shouldn’t really be trying to imitate a big competitor brand. I just feel that ethically it is wrong and if I was Yankee Candle I know I won’t be happy. But hey, that’s just my thoughts and they do often say that imitation is the best form of flattery. 

All in all though? I think that the Fresh Strawberries Village Candle is extremely good value for money, especially in comparison to Yankee Candle. Not only do you get 4oz more wax, you get at least 20 hours extra burn time and the candle is much more affordable and better value for money as it retails at £15.19 and is available to purchase on the Candles Direct website (link)


Have you tried the Fresh Strawberries Village Candle or any of the Village Candles? What did you think?