Great Scented Products From Candywick

Great Scented Products From Candywick

Great Scented Products From CandywickGreat Scented Products From CandywickGreat Scented Products From CandywickGreat Scented Products From CandywickGreat Scented Products From Candywick (4)

When it comes to home fragrance I am literally obsessed. Marc has even had to put me on a candle buying ban as my little addiction is starting to get ever so slightly out of control. Recently the lovely people from Candywick got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to try out their range. Of course I said yes and before I knew it a big box of goodies arrived with Mr Postman. Inside the box was a wonderful selection of their products such as:

Parma Violet Clam Shell Wax Melts

Parma Violets used to be a favourite sweet of mine when I was a little nipper and whenever I get a whiff of the scent, I always think back to my Primary school days when I was carefree and bills were unheard of. In the Clam Shell pack, you get six squares of scented wax. Now in theory you could use one square per burn however, I tend to use two as my wax burner is quite big and one square seems to look a bit lonely. In terms of the actual scent, it is very authentic and smells literally just like the sweets. In terms of the fragrance power, it was able to fill my entire bedroom and lasted for around 4-5 hours which is certainly good. I’d most definitely repurchase this scent as it was lovely to smell and very nostalgic.

Guest Scent Wooden Wick Love Bite Candle

For me you really cannot beat a Yankee candle as their scent throw is wonderful however, I do love trying out candles from other brands. I was ever so kindly sent the Guest Scent Wooden Wick Love Bite Candle. This candle is fragranced with Lime, Orange, Berries, Cherry and Vanilla Bean. Now this may be surprising to a lot of people but this is the first candle that I’ve tried which has a wooden wick. One thing I did notice with the wick change is that in comparison to classic cotton wicks, the candle was rather loud in the sense that you could hear popping and it was almost as though there was a small camp fire in the room. Part of me liked this as it made the candle a bit more fun and exciting but after a while it did start to get on my wick (pardon the pun) I also found that the flame could get a bit crazy very quickly so I had my wick trimmer at the ready all the time as I was a little worried that the flame would get to an unsafe height. Anyway, the scent of the candle was superb. At times it was zesty and zingy and at other times it was warming like a tasty cherry bake well tart. In terms of the scent throw it wasn’t able to fill the room however, if you were in roughly a 3 metre radius of the candle you could definitely detect the fragrance which isn’t bad for a 8oz candle. For lasting power I found that despite the flame going crazy at times, the wick was actually very slow to burn and the wax took a little longer than usual to go down. I’ve been burning my candle for what feels like a lifetime and it is still not even half way done! I think in terms of hours I’ve been burning it for approximately 12 hours so you really do get your moneys worth. Oh and if you’re interested to know what the candle is actually made of, it is made of a premium blend of soy, botanical and mineral oils. It is also phthalate (a materiel used in plastic making which has been linked to a number of health issues) and lead free.

Guest Scent Love Potion Scented Mini Melts

I am a massive fan of wax melts as I find they always seem to have really great scent throw, especially in comparison to candles and these little heart shaped gems are certainly no exception. In each pack you get fifty mini melts. Now fifteen of the Candywick mini melts are roughly the equivalent weight to ONE Yankee Candle Wax Tart so you are certainly getting good value for money in each adorable striped bag. The scent I receive was Love Potion. Now this scent is super perfect for this time of year as it is a refreshing combination of Mandarin, Bergamot, Peaches, Strawberries, Raspberries and White Musk. It kind of smells very tropical and really makes me wish that I was on a nice Caribbean beach. For the fragrance power, much like the Clam Shell Wax Melt, it was able to fill my entire bedroom however, I did find the mini melts to last slightly longer. I loved using these melts plus I thought the design was super sweet.

White Zinfandel Maxi Wax Melts

The final product I was scent was a pack of the White Zindandel Wax Melts. In the pack you get six decent sized heart shaped wax melts. I simply pop two of these into my burner and its good to go. The scent is a slightly floral but fruity combination which is ideal for this time of year. I did find these wax melts to be slightly more subtly fragranced in comparison to the other products however, I didn’t really find this a major issue. In terms of the scent throw it filled my room but like I said, it wasn’t as strong as the other scents and the fragrance lingered for around 3-4 hours before becoming undetectable. I think these melts are perfect for those days where you want to freshen up your home but you don’t want an overwhelming strong scent.

Oh and one last thing, Candywick are actually currently in the process of changing over their labels to new style ones. Instead of their current paper labels they’ve opted for a new transparent design which is more contemporary and looks fantastic in my opinion. Oh and if you too want to try some Candywick products, be sure to use the code KISS to get 10% off a £20+ basket.

Have you tried any products from Candywick?