How Can I Create Amazing Online Content?

How Can I Create Amazing Online Content?

Whenever I begin writing a blog post on any of my blogs I always strive to create the most amazing content that I can possibly create. One, because I like to produce high quality content that I am proud of and two, because I want you as the reader to get both enjoyment and use out of my posts. Below I’ve put together a collection of my top tips on how to create amazing online content.

Know Your Audience

Whenever you publish any form of content you want to make sure that it is suitable for your audience. For example, if your audience is made up of 18-35 year old females with an interest in food, you’re not going to be writing about mature male fashion. It is common sense really. If you’re sat wondering how on Earth you find out about your audience, I highly recommend signing up to Google Analytics and installing the tracking code onto your website or blog. By doing this you can find out lots and lots of information, and the best bit? It is free! In Google Analytics you can find out what interests your visitors, what language they speak, their age, ultimately what they are interested in and what they are likely to enjoy reading. Also, just because you might have a large growing audience that engage well, doesn’t mean that you can write anything and everything.

My point:

You should know your audience, your demographics and the interests of your audience. By knowing this you can produce relevant content that interests and excites people, content that your readers can benefit from, engage with, appreciate and enjoy.

Know Your Topic

The next big thing is that you really need to know your topic and the point that you are trying to get across. If you’re writing a car/motor blog but you haven’t a clue and couldn’t name a single car part, it is probably best that you leave it to someone who knows about the topic. Why? Well first as someone who doesn’t have a clue about the topic, do you really think people could benefit from the content you produce? And secondly, people aren’t stupid. The people who will be reading your blog or content will be those who have an interest in the subject. If you aren’t clued up about what you are talking about and you start waffling on about things that you aren’t sure of, people will see this and they won’t return to your site nor will they consider you a credible source of information.

My point:

Don’t pretend you’re an expert on something when you aren’t. Write about things you have knowledge on and things that interest you. Write about topics that you are passionate about!

Do Your Research

The last thing that I highly suggest you carry out is your research. By this I mean that you should see if your topic of choice has a potential audience and people who would be interested to read what you have to say. To do this I recommend using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This is a free tool that is meant to be used for planning your AdWords keyword campaigns but there is nothing stopping you from using it for your content research. What does it do? Well it tells you on average how many monthly searches each specific keyword receives. So how can this help you? Well by using this tool you can easily decide which keywords are better than others and then you can decided which keywords you want to use in your content based on your findings.

My Point:

Use Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find the best keywords to use in your content. Basically, use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to your advantage!

Of course there are a lot more factors that go into creating amazing content and I am sure I will cover some more of those another day but for me, these three things are very, very important and should be took into consideration before you start dabbling into other strategies.

What tips do you recommend for creating amazing online content?