How I Am Gradually Whitening My Teeth


How I Am Gradually Whitening My Teeth | DenTek Whitening Silky Floss Picks, Superdrug Pro Care Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste & Colgate Max White Shine Toothpaste

How I Am Gradually Whitening My Teeth

When it come to my teeth I’ve always been self-conscious. I’ve got a slight overbite as well as an off centre smile, similar to that of Tom Cruise. Although over the years I’ve sort of excepted and embraced my teeth one thing I’ve always really wanted to change is the colour. My teeth are pretty yellow and like many I really long for pearly white gnashers. I have considered professional teeth whitening at the dentist but I simply cannot justify the hefty price tag that comes along with the often hit and miss results. I’ve also considered using at home kits that claim to give instant results (Crest White Strips, I’m looking at you!) However I’ve read quite a lot of horror stories that have simply put me right off the idea.

The option I’ve settled for? Using pretty standard everyday oral hygiene products that gradually whiten and brighten the teeth. Although the method of whitening my teeth isn’t the quickest, I’ve found it effective and ideal if you suffer from sensitive teeth. At the moment I’ve been using three main products to achieve my whiten smile.

Using High Street Oral Hygiene Products For Whitening My Teeth

The first product I’ve been using has been the Colgate Max White Shine Toothpaste (link) I’ve used this product for around three months now and it does a pretty good job of removing stains. The toothpaste is purple in colour and is made up of a scrub like formula. When I first used this I was expecting my teeth to feel sensitive. After the first couple of brushes I did experience a little sensitivity. However, from then on my teeth have been fine. The second product I’ve been using is the Superdrug Pro Care Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste (link) This stuff is absolutely brilliant for the price. The paste is made up of a white and pink smooth striped formula. There aren’t any exfoliating particles in the toothpaste but it gets rid of build up really well and leave the teeth instantly brighter and smoother.

Another product I’ve been using has been the DenTek Whitening Silky Floss Picks* (link) These things are great, especially for on the go. I’ve recently been carrying these round in the DenTek Floss Pick Cases* (link) in my bag as I find they’re handy for use after eating lunch on the go. These picks are basically three in one products. The contain a handy pick as well as a silky whitening floss strip which can be used as floss or as a tongue scraper. I think these would be ideal for travel and even festival goers. Hard to reach stubborn buildup is easily removed with these picks which in turn gives a whiter appearance. Oh and if you’re after a lipstick to make the teeth appear whiter, check out the NYC Expert Last Lip Colour in Blue Rose.

Do you use whitening products?

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