How To Look After Fashion Jewellery

How To Look After Fashion Jewellery

When it comes to jewellery I love it and I know you do too. One thing that I cannot stress enough is that you should look after your jewellery properly. By looking after your jewellery you minimise the risk of damage and also prolong the beauty of each piece for as long as possible. Below I’ve created a little guide on how to look after fashion jewellery. The guide is packed full of tips and tricks to keep your pieces in tip top condition.


When it comes to storing your jewellery you should always keep it away from sunlight, extreme temperatures and chemicals. You should also never store your jewellery on window sills, near radiators or in the car. This is because the sun can fade gemstones, diamantés and rhinestones. When it comes to rings and earrings I recommend storing in a soft, padded or cushioned jewellery box to prevent your jewellery from getting scratched, damaged and dusty. For necklaces I really, really recommend hanging your pieces as this prevents them from getting tangled up and knotted with other pieces and stops potential breakage of chains and clasps. You should also space your jewellery out so your pieces do not bump against each other.


For fashion jewellery I highly recommend avoiding applying any chemicals or cleaning products as they can very easily cause fashion jewellery to discolour. Instead I recommend cleaning your jewellery daily (straight after each wear is even better) with a good 100% soft cotton cloth. This gets rid of natural skin oils, makeup and perspiration. The more frequently your clean your pieces, the longer your can maintain the piece’s beauty and get more wear out of it.


When it comes to wearing jewellery I recommend removing any pieces before bed and bathing or showering. I also do not recommend wearing fashion jewellery when your are in hot tubs or swimming pools as the chlorine that the water contains can damage many gemstones and metals. Swimming in the sea is also a big no no as the salt water can also damage your jewellery. When carrying out everyday tasks such as cleaning, household repairs, gardening or even when exercising I advise you to remove your jewellery to prevent potential breakage, scratches and damage occurring.  You should also apply products such as makeup and perfumes BEFORE putting on your jewellery, wait until said products are completely dry and keep contact with products and necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings to a minimum as over time it will take its toll on your fashion jewellery and eventually make your gorgeous pieces unwearable and ruined.

How do you look after your fashion jewellery?