How To Make Your Base Makeup Last

How To Make Your Base Makeup Last

When it comes to my makeup routine one step I like to focus a lot on is my base makeup. For me I feel base makeup can really make or break a look. I love a flawless yet natural looking finish that really lasts on my skin and stays in place throughout the day. Over the past few months or so I have discovered a little routine that I carry out to really make my base makeup last all day long. This little routine isn’t something I carry out everyday, it is a routine that I carry out when I have a special occasion such as a date night or a family evening meal out although there really is nothing stopping you from carrying it out on a day-to-day basis, I just personally feel that it can be a bit time-consuming and not really worth it for me especially when I’m not doing anything really worth while. Anyway, here is my little routine and some of the products that I use:

Step 1: Moisturise at least half an hour before applying any makeup

The first thing I do after cleansing my face in the morning is to apply a generous layer of moisturiser. This is an essential step for me, regardless of whether my skin is dryer than normal or a little on the oily side as applying moisturiser keeps the skin hydrated and I also find it helps my skin to look plumper and more awake. The reason why I apply my moisturiser at least half an hour before I apply my makeup is so that it can sink into my skin fully and also to minimise that shiny residue that it can leave on the skin.

Step 2: Remove any greasy residue or shine from the skin

The second step I carry out is to remove any residue or skin from my skin. Many people use a classic toner for this but I like to opt for the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water as I find it is effective but it doesn’t dry the skin out nor does it accentuate my dry patches either. To carry out this step I simply apply a little to a cotton pad and I gently rub over my skin. I don’t apply this heavily like I would when doing a cleanse as I just want to remove shine, not all of my moisturiser.

Step 3: Prime the skin

I’m not the biggest primer lover as I find a lot of primers that I have tried are really quite rubbish and don’t do anything for me however, a primer that I am liking is the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer. I find this just gives a wonderful smooth base for my foundation and concealer thus making application that little bit easier. I also find that this gives my makeup a good base to stick to which allows my makeup to stay in place for an extra few hours. If you’d like to hear my more in-depth thoughts on this primer, do be sure to check out my Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer review.

Step 4: Apply a trusty powder

After I’ve applied my primer followed by my base makeup I like to set everything in place with a trusty powder. My favourite powder would definitely have to be the Veil Finishing Powder in Translucent. This is a loose powder that is super finely milled and works super well with my pale complexion. It just sets everything in place without looking cakey or heavy, plus it is really long-lasting. To hear more about this great product, check out my The Best Loose Powder On The Market That I’ve Tried So Far post where I discuss the powder a little more in-depth.

Step 5: Set everything with spray

And finally I like to set everything in place with a good setting spray. My favourite at the moment is the Freedom Makeup Professional Fixing Spray which costs just £3.50. I simply apply two sprays to my face, wait around 30 seconds and then my makeup is virtually budge proof. This really is a gem of a product and I highly recommend checking it out if you are someone who loves a good setting spray or even if you are a newbie who is looking for an affordable alternative to those much raved about high-end sprays.

How do you make your makeup last? What products do you highly recommend?