Is Mafia 3 Buggy and Repetitive or Fun and Entertaining?

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Mafia 3 Game For Xbox One

One of the many, many games I’ve been loving over the past few months has been Mafia 3. This is an excellent action-adventure game that was released in 2016. The game takes place in the fictional town of New Bordeaux in the year 1968. The fictional town of New Bordeaux is supposed to be set in New Orleans and the story of the game follows a man named Lincoln Clay. Lincoln is a Vietnam veteran and orphan whose goal is to build a new crime organisation to confront the Italian mob.

You play as Mr Clay to complete various objectives in the open-world environment. When playing from a third-person perspective you can eliminate enemies using weapons or call for allies to assist. If that isn’t your thing then alternatively you can use stealth tactics to go undetected. Personally, I feel the game is playing using a combination of the two by using melee-combat, stealth tactics and the weapons provided. 

Mafia 3 is not just a shooting game

One of the main reasons why I love Mafia 3 is the fact that it isn’t just a shooting game. There are a fair few things that you can do rather than just shooting and taking down enemies. You can drive around and collect items like communist propaganda, album covers and various magazines. You can also hunt for fuses which can be used to wiretap junction boxes. By doing this you are able to see all the collectables on the map as well as more fuses so you can unlock even more junction boxes in the game. 

Mafia 3 is kind of like Grand Theft Auto but set in the past

If I were to compare Mafia 3 to another game it kind of reminds me a little of GTA but obviously, it does have its differences. I mean for one it is set in an entirely different period of time. As well as loving the variety if the game another thing that really impressed me was the game’s soundtrack. If you like the sounds of Aretha Franklin, Elvis and Johnny Cash then the soundtrack will definitely tickle your fancy.
Anyway, back to the actual gameplay. Because the game is set back in 1968 it is no surprise that a large focus is on racial tension. In this year anti-war sentiment was growing with many wanting the struggle in Vietnam to end. Also in this year, Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. I think the makers of the game really highlighted the fact that these issues needed to be raised when they created the character, Lincoln Clay. I mean he’s both a mixed-race man and a Vietnam veteran.

Mafia 3 can be repetitive but it is still fun and entertaining

When it comes to the critical response to Mafia 3 it received mixed reviews. One thing that was mentioned a lot was the fact that many thought the game was repetitive. To an extent, I would totally agree. It can be repetitive. However, if you get engrossed in the story and switch things up, the game can be fun and entertaining. I personally quite enjoy taking my time looking on the map and collecting things, especially when I am not in the mood to confront enemies. However, if this isn’t your style then I’d give the game a miss.
My only real issue with Mafia 3 is the fact that it can be buggy. This is super frustrating and at times it has made me want to switch off the entire game. Apart from the buggy issue, I have actually really been enjoying the game. Is it my absolute favourite game in the world? Hell no. But I liked it. At one point it was one of the games I was obsessed with. Do I love the game quite as much as I used to? Not so much but I do think it is an enjoyable game to pass the time. I just personally prefer other games in my collection like Resident Evil 7 and the BioShock series.


Have you played Mafia 3? Are you more of a stealth lover or do you prefer to go in all guns blazing?
Please note this post contains affiliate links.