Is The Black Lady Funko POP! The Most Beautiful Figure Ever?

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Black Lady Funko POP! Figure
After sharing my post on my awesome Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko POP! I figured it was time to show another amazing figure. However, this time I thought I’d talk about one of the prettiest Funkos in my collection. I am of course talking about my Black Lady Funko POP! I’ve spoken of my love of Sailor Moon before and I am unbelievably close to completing my collection. So when I heard of the release of Black Lady, I knew I had to hop on that bandwagon and get myself a figure.
The problem? The Black Lady Funko POP! was a 2018 San Diago Comic Con exclusive. I genuinely thought my dreams of getting one at a reasonable price were dashes. However, luck was clearly in my corner. One day whilst scrolling on Twitter, amongst the many tweets about Kim’s Convenience, sharks and people arguing about Brexit, I spotted a tweet from EMP.
EMP stated they would be exclusively selling various pops and the Black Lady Funko POP! just so happened to be one of them. I was totally and utterly over the moon not only to be one step closer to completing my collection but because this particular figure is stunning. So what did I do? I snapped up the evil grown-up version of Chibiusa Tsukino Funko POP! For £19.99. Not the cheapest figure but I wanted it badly and it could have been A LOT more expensive so I am not complaining.

Potentially the most beautiful figure ever

Black Lady is actually gorgeous. She’s got that classic oversized head that all Funko POPs sport and a smaller body. However, in addition to the large head, she has some truly epic baby pink hair. This matches Chibi Moon’s perfectly in colour. They are the same person after all, even if Chibi didn’t mean to turn into her. But that is a whole other story.
In terms of Black Lady’s outfit, she has a long black dress which features some risque side slits, orange sleeves and black cuffs. She is holding a red toned pink scarf, has red-heeled shoes and gold and purple earrings. The detail is fabulous on this figure as she even has the black moon mark which is perfectly central between her fringe. She’s also got thin brows, some long painted lashes, a cute triangular nose and some slight rosy detailing on her cheeks to create a blush effect.

A Funko POP! stand that works and isn’t faulty

Black Lady is seriously pretty, there is no denying it. One thing also worth mentioning is much like the other Sailor Moon figures, with the exception of Tuxedo Mask, she comes with a stand. This is because the characters have slender long legs. That mixed with their large heads means it is impossible for them to stand on their own.
I don’t mind the stands as they serve a purpose. They don’t exactly look fancy but they get the job done. One thing that really narks me though is when the stands just don’t fit. I’ve had a couple of POPs where I’ve struggled to fit the stands because the holes haven’t been created properly. I’ve also had it where I’ve got a figure with two holes but they’ve been slightly misaligned which is equally as frustrating. Thankfully with Black Lady, the hole provided is perfect and I haven’t had any problems getting her on her stand or displaying her. 
All in all? I’ve gotta say I adore Black Lady. She is for sure one of my all-time favourite Funko figures. She came nicely in one piece, EMP did a good job with packaging as the box arrived in mint condition and the attention to detail is impressive.
Are you a Sailor Moon fan? Where you at all surprised when she appeared?
Please note this post contains affiliate links.