Is The Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko POP! Really THAT Cool?

Deadpool As Bob Ross Funko POP Figure
One of my favourite things in life is collecting Funko POP! Figures. I love the way they look all neatly placed on my shelf, which you can see by checking out my Funko POP! post. Yes, I do take them out of the boxes. Do I care? Not really. I know a lot of people take pristine care of each and every one of their figures. They never come out of the box and are stored super carefully. That is great! Whatever floats your boat.

Store your damn Funko POP! Figures how your wanna store them!

However, there seems to be this big no-no about anyone taking their figures out of the boxes. Let me tell you if I wanna take my Funko POP! Figures out the box, I will damn well do so. They’re mine and I shall do with them what I like. That doesn’t mean to say that I don’t take care of my pops just because I have them out on display. Because boy, I do. I love my collection and want to display them so I can see them entirely. If that is so wrong, then I guess I’ve messed up. Honestly though? I don’t care. 
ANYWAY! Back in July, I turned 24. To tell the truth, I still feel like an absolute child and haven’t quite cracked this whole adulting thing but I am sure I’ll get there. My lovely boyfriend Peter very, very kindly got me the Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko POP! and I’ve gotta say, I absolutely love this little guy. Earlier in the year we went to the cinema for a cute little date and watched Deadpool 2. And let me tell you, it was brilliant. I absolutely love Deadpool. I think he’s a refreshing take on your average superhero although at times he is the antihero. His twisted sense of humour is genius and I think Ryan Reynolds plays the character extremely well.

The Deadpool as Bob Ross Funko POP! is one of the coolest Funko POP! figures in my collection

Hands down Deadpool as Bob Ross is one of my all-time favourite figures in my Funko collection. He is the perfect mix of the disfigured former special forces operative and the late painter who was forever talking about happy little trees. The figure features the standard abnormally large head design as with others in the line. However, because it is a Marvel figure it has a bobblehead. Some people love the bobblehead design, others hate it. I personally love the little twist as I don’t own any other bobbleheads. 
Unsurprisingly the Funko head is wearing the classic Deadpool mask which I love. As for the rest of the Pop! He sports Bob’s classic attire of a buttoned shirt, blue jeans complete with a brown belt and brown shoes. He also holds a paint palette as well as a giant brush. If you love Deadpool and you are a fan of Bob Ross, this is for sure a figure worth getting your hands on because it is truly awesome. So to answer the question, YES the Funko really is THAT cool.
Are you a fan of the DP and BR Funko Pop! Figure? Did you enjoy Deadpool 1 or 2 more? Did you cry at THAT scene? Because I for sure as hell did!