Is The Tuxedo Mask Funko POP! One Of The Best From The Sailor Moon Range?

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Tuxedo Mask Funko POP! Figure
I Love Sailor Moon. I think I made that quite clear when I shared my love for the Black Lady Funko POP! to be honest. I’ve got a fair few Sailor Moon POP! Figures and one of my favourites most certainly has to be Tuxedo Mask. Now I know Tuxedo Mask gets a lot of stick. Many seem to think he’s just a guy who turns up, throws a rose and claims he’s seriously contributed when it comes to helping. He’s even become a meme. Now although the whole Tuxedo Mask turning up and pretty much doing nothing is somewhat true in certain cases, he does have his useful powers. For instance, he’s got psychic powers. He can read past, present and future events and he can even heal others’ wounds. He’s certainly not a useless character in my opinion, in fact, I think he is awesome. 
He’s that awesome that I got my hands on the TM Funko POP! Figure. Much like the other Funko POPs Tuxedo Mask has a large head but what sets him apart from the rest is his large top hat and his signature white mask. Tuxedo Mask also sports a tuxedo with yellow buttons. Obviously. His jacket is also open revealing his white shirt and upon his back is a black coloured cape that is lined with red. The dude also dons black shoes, white gloves and of course a single red rose.

The Tuxedo Mask Funko POP! Is one of the best Funko POP! Figures from the Sailor Moon Range

Like I mentioned earlier I have a lot of Sailor Moon Funko POP! figures. Out of all of them, the Tuxedo Mask Funko POP! is for sure one of my absolute favourites. However, I do have my other favourites from the collection too. I mean obviously, I love Sailor Moon and the little Luna figure that comes with her. Also in my favourites is Sailor Venus and little Artemis, Sailor Neptune and Chibi Moon. I am also loving my three newer limited edition Sailor Moon pops which are Black Lady, Sailor V and Queen Beryl.
When it comes to completing my collection I really only want to get the three-piece Neo Queen Serenity, Small Lady & King Endymion set. The problem? I am really struggling to get my hands on the set here in the UK especially at a reasonable price. If I wanted I could probably get my hands on one for around £70+ but realistically I just don’t think I can justify that. I mean think of all the other things I could buy with the money. I could get a few easier to get hold of Pop figures for example. 
I’m also aware that there is another Sailor Moon POP where she is holding a Moon Stick and I’ve also discovered a Super Sailor Moon. However, these again aren’t easy to get hold of here in the United Kingdom and would cost an arm and a leg. Plus in all honesty, I’m not too bothered about them. I know, I am a terrible fan! The thing is though I already have a Sailor Moon figure. In fact, in all honesty, I’ve got two of the same. Don’t ask. So I don’t feel the need to get the other versions but that could all change in the future. Anyway, for now, I’m just enjoying my current collection.


Are you a Sailor Moon fan? Is Tuxedo Mask a character you love?
Please note this post contains affiliate links.