July 2017 Favourites

July 2017 Favourites | Linen Fresh Zoflora, Soap and Glory What A Peeling De-Clog Mask, Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter in Peach Mood Lights, Philip Kingsley After-Sun Scalpmask and The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

July 2017 Favourites

Linen Fresh Zoflora

The first product to make it into my July 2017 favourites is the Linen Fresh Zoflora. I love Zoflora and use it every day to clean my home and to keep it smelling amazing. There are many scents that I love but lately, I’ve been head over heels for Linen Fresh. I actually mentioned this fragrance in a post I wrote where I talked about two Zoflora scents that I recommend. Linen Fresh is a very fresh scent. It is crisp and contains things like cotton, lavender and violet. I love using this scented disinfectant on my cushions and curtains. Plus I’ve also enjoyed wiping over my radiators with this scent too.

Soap and Glory What A Peeling De-Clog Mask*

The second product to make it into my July 2017 favourites is the Soap and Glory What A Peeling De-Clog Mask. Recently I very kindly sent a whole range of Soap and Glory Masks. Last month I mentioned a couple of the masks in my June 2017 favourites. However, this month I’ve really been enjoying their peel off mask. What a peeling is a declogging mask which contains things like kaolin, bentonite and white willow. The mask has a sticky thick liquid gel consistency and comes in the prettiest bright pink shade that you’ll ever see. Now as someone with dry skin this wouldn’t normally be my first mask of choice. However, it works fantastically on my congested areas like my nose and chin. It just removes my blackheads nicely without being painful. After use, my skin feels much cleaner and is visibly a little brighter too.

Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter in Peach Mood Lights*

The third product to make it into my July 2017 favourites is the Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter in Peach Mood Lights. I was lucky enough to be sent three of the Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters but my favourite out of the bunch is most definitely the shade Peach Mood Lights. This product is a blush highlighter hybrid. This means that you can use each section individually or you can mix it all together if that takes your fancy. The shade I love, Peach Mood Lights, is a gorgeous combination of light and dark pinks. It is a fun shade that works really well with my pale complexion. It’s a little on the powdery side but it feels nice and smooth on the skin.

Philip Kingsley After-Sun Scalpmask*

The fourth product to make it into my July 2017 favourites is the Philip Kingsley After-Sun Scalpmask. I did a whole post on the Philip Kingsley Hello Summer Range. I’ve had their amazing Coconut Breeze Elasticizer in my shower along with some other fantastic shower products for quite a while. However, After-Sun Scalpmask is certainly becoming a firm favourite of mine too. This is the perfect soothing and cooling hair mask for days where you’ve had your hair tied up for too long or you’ve spent a long time out in the sun. It is just perfect for a pamper and a bit of TLC. Admittedly I don’t use it as much as the Elasticizer but each time I’ve applied it I’ve experienced good results and my scalp has been calmed nicely.

The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer

The fifth and final product to make it into my July 2017 favourites is The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer. If you’ve tried the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer that I mentioned in my complexion products I always reach for post then I think you’ll love this product. I’ll not say too much about the pore smoothing primer as I have a full post coming up on it. However, I will say that it is super affordable, very effective and I think I enjoy it more than the Baby Skin primer.


The sixth favourite to make it into my July 2017 favourites is actually a TV show. With the recent departure of Pretty Little Liars and our other favourite shows being on series break Marc and I recently found ourselves in need of something new to watch. Now I know, I know. Glee is old. However, Marc and I have only recently discovered it and we are hooked! I’m not the biggest fan of musicals although the exception is a Disney flick. But honestly, there’s just something about the show that we love oh so much. For me, I think Sue Sylvester makes the show as the brutal, albeit hilarious antagonist.

HAIM – I Want You Back

The seventh favourite in my July 2017 favourites is the song I Want You Back from pop rock American sister trio HAIM. I discovered this song recently on the YouTube trending page and ever since I have been hooked. Some have said the song has a “touch of Michael Jackson’s Bad-era handclap ballads” Whilst others have said the song “leans heavily on Haim’s Tom Petty and Fleetwood Mac influences” regardless I love the song. It’s a great number to dance to. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t something you can rave to but it is something you can bop along to whilst doing your Sunday afternoon cleaning. Give the song a listen and see what you think.

Psy ft. Taeyang – Love

Another song I’ve been loving and the last of my July 2017 favourites is Psy ft. Taeyang – Love. Most people will know Psy for his viral Korean hit Gangnam Style that took the world by storm. However, early this year Psy released a new album titled 4×2=8 which features quite a few collabs with other K-Pop idols. One of the collabs features BIGBANG’s Taeyang and is a tune that I have been all over. The song titled Love is an dance anthem with many calling for it to be used as the theme song for either the Winter Olympics or The World Cup. It has a very different feel to Psy’s typical slapstick comedy style but this certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Like a lot of K-Pop songs you definitely do not need to understand the language to enjoy the song. Plus it features Taeyang’s angelic voice belting out a catchy English sang chorus which soon gets stuck in your head. If you still haven’t found your anthem of the Summer, this may well be it. Give the song a listen and the video a watch. SPOILER ALERT: The talented dancers from Justin Bieber’s Sorry are indeed featured in the video. Although it wouldn’t have hurt to have a bit of Taeyang in there too… Just saying!



What products made it into your July 2017 favourites?

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