June 2018 Favourites: Resident Evil 7, Shin Ramyun, NYX Taupe Blush and More

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June 2018 Favourites: Resident Evil 7, Shin Ramyun, NYX Taupe Blush and More

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a monthly favourites post. I think the last monthly favourites I shared was my January 2018 favourites. I absolutely love sharing the products and things I’ve been loving each month but I always forget to share them here on my blog. However, this month I remembered and boy have I been loving and enjoying a lot of things. My advice? Pop the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa and sit back and relax while you read.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

The first thing making it into my June 2018 favourites in Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. I bought this game months ago but I ended up chickening out while playing because it is quite scary, well for me it is because I am a total wimp. Nevertheless, I decided to give the game another try and boy am I glad I did. In the game, you play first-person as Ethan, a civilian who is searching the Baker house for his missing wife. Throughout the game, you come across infected members of the family known as “Molded” who you can attack using a variety of weapons.

In the game, you can use both combat and stealth which is always a winner in my eyes. What really makes this games though are the jump scares. At times they are totally unexpected and really leave your heart racing after you’ve almost fallen off the sofa. It’s a great game to play with friends or loved ones as the jump scare reactions can be rather funny. The survival horror game is really well made and I particularly love the fact that you can explore so much and collect various items.

Hungry Shark World

The second thing making it into my June 2018 favourites is Hungry Shark World. This is a mobile game that is super addictive. You basically play as a shark and you have to eat fish and people to score points and earn coins. It sounds morbid but it is pretty tame. There are also daily challenges where you can compete to win various items. Plus you can upgrade your sharks and kit them out with various outfits to increase things like health and bonuses. If you’re a shark lover like me, I really recommend you checking this out. The game features reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, great white sharks, mako sharks and my personal favourite, the now extinct Megalodon.

Shin Ramyun

The third thing to make it into my June 2018 favourites is Shin Ramyun. I absolutely LOVE instant ramen noodles. I know they’re not good for me. They contain a boatload of sodium but I just love them okay. My absolute favourite instant ramen of all time is for sure Shin Ramyun. Shin Ramyun is a Korean instant noodle made by Nongshim and let me tell you, they are delicious. If you’re someone who’s not dabbled into instant ramen or you’ve tried the British instant noodles, stop right there. The British instant noodles that we have such as Pot Noodles and Bachelor’s Super Noodles are shockingly bad, especially in comparison to the many Asian brand instant noodles, like Shin Ramyun.

Shin Ramyun is addictive. It’s a beefy, spicy, beef and red-pepper seasoned noodles that contains great noodles. It’s perfect for a quick meal and it is fantastic amped up with veggies and boiled eggs thrown in for good measure. It isn’t just me who loves Shin Ramyun either, as of 2015 28 billion units of Shin Ramyun were said to be sold. Pretty impressive, huh? I really recommend checking out these delicious instant spicy Korean noodles if you are a spice lover like myself.

My Serenity Yankee Candle

The fourth product to make it into my June 2018 favourites is the My Serenity Yankee Candle. I received this as a gift for my birthday last year but I never got round to burning it, until recently. I love Yankee Candle as a brand. Personally, I find their products are top notch and have really great scent throw. A couple of years back I wrote about some awesome Summer friendly Yankee scents but recently the only scent I’ve been all over has been My Serenity. This is such a beautiful calming scent that has top notes of mandarin, pear and gold pineapple. Mid notes of hibiscus and plumeria and white musk at its base. The scent fills my living room nicely and despite me burning it for what feels like as eternity, I still have more than half a jar remaining of the Summer Yankee Candle scent.

Technic Brow Gel

The fifth product to make it into my June 2018 favourites is the Technic Brow Gel. I’ve mentioned this product before on my blog but I recently rediscovered it. For a while, I was rocking pretty natural brows but I found this in my collection and decided to give it another whirl and you know what, I am a big fan of the affordable coloured eyebrow gel. Sure it would be better if it was a little cooler-toned but this gives my brows a nice full look and keeps the hairs in place really well. I personally use the colour Medium which is a deep chocolate-brown colour. 

NYX Taupe Blush

The sixth product to make it into my June 2018 favourites is the NYX Taupe Blush. I first mentioned this product in my Cult Beauty haul when I purchased it to replace my much loved Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Frisk that I used to use to contour. The pale skin friendly contour colour has been receiving some serious love from me throughout June. In comparison to the Urban Decay shadow, this provides a much stronger and more dramatic contour for me but I have really been enjoying this look. It is a lot more affordable than the Urban Decay offering and it works wonders at creating faux shadows on my cheekbones, forehead and jawline.

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

The seventh product to make it into my June 2018 favourites is The Ordinary Coverage Foundation. This foundation makes my skin look awesome. It provides my skin with really good coverage and gives it a flawless finish, especially close up. I use the shade 1.0 N which is pretty pale but it can oxidise so personally I’ve been mixing the cheap full coverage foundation with some white foundation. For less than £6 I feel like this foundation is really great quality and well worth its low price tag.

Revolution Beauty Nudes Collection Matte Lipstick in Buff

The eighth product to make it into my June 2018 favourites is the Revolution Beauty Nudes Collection Matte Lipstick in Buff. I first mentioned Buff in my Revolution Beauty haul along with the shade Stripped which I initially loved that little bit more. However, I find myself reaching for Buff more and more. In terms of colour Buff is a pink matte nude liquid lipstick that has a sweet vanilla scent to it and really compliments my pale complexion. It’s a little drying which isn’t too surprising considering it is a matte lipstick but it does have a very easy to work with formula and it lasts pretty well on my lips. For just £3 it is a bargain.

Tuxedo Mask FunkoPop

The ninth product to make it into my June 2018 favourites is the Tuxedo Mask FunkoPop. I am a massive Sailor Moon fan. If you read my post on my life in 2018 so far then you’ll have spotted that I even have a Sailor Moon tattoo. There is just something about the Japanese manga series and adapted anime that I love. One of my favourite characters is definitely Tuxedo Mask, a guy who fights evil whilst sporting a tuxedo and mask before he mysteriously disappears. As well as loving anything Sailor Moon, I also have a big love for collecting FunkPop figures. So what better combination than  Sailor Moon and FunkoPops! I have pretty much all the Sailor Moon FunkoPop figures but one of my favourites has to be the Tuxedo Mask Funko. He looks utterly awesome with his top hat, tuxedo, cape, mask and rose.

Thierry Mugler Alien EDP

The tenth product to make it into my June 2018 favourites is the Thierry Mugler Alien Eau De Parfum. I love this stuff and I’d even go as far as saying it is my all time favourite fragrance. It’s a gorgeous evening fragrance that has fantastic lasting power. The scent has top notes of Jasmine. Woodsy mid notes and base notes of Amber. Launched back in 2005 this fragrance comes housed in a beautiful purple glass bottle that has a witchy magical look about it. If you like the likes of Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb or Jean Paul Gaultier Classique then I definitely think this will be up your street. The only downside? The strongly fragranced oriental woody scent is pretty pricey but you really only need a squirt or two for maximum scent so each bottle does last really well.

Doomsday Preppers

The eleventh thing to make it into my June 2018 favourites is actually a show called Doomsday Preppers. One weekend Pete and I binge watched this because once you watch one episode, you want to watch more. The show isn’t new, in fact, it came out back in 2011. However, I only recently discovered in on good old Netflix. Doomsday Preppers is basically a show created by National Geographic which shows various people known as preppers who are preparing to survive in the event of a disaster.

These circumstances can range from economic collapse to electromagnetic pulse and even to the end of civilization. You see the great lengths these people go in order to protect themselves. As well as their loved ones during disasters which they very much believe are definitely going to happen. Many stockpile food and weapons whilst others have more elaborate plans and protection prepared. It is super interesting but at the same time, it is a kind of trashy show. If you enjoy shows like Extreme Couponing or My Strange Addiction, it kinda has the same vibe. It’s a great time killer and ideal if you want to binge watch something.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Another show to make it into my June 2018 favourites is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. This is another show that is available to watch on Netflix. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is a sitcom written by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. It follows Kimmy, a woman who has been rescued after being kept underground for 15 years against her will by Reverand as part of a doomsday cult. Despite her traumatic experience, Kimmy is super bubbly and enthusiastic but understandably kinda of behind with the times and naive. In the show, she heads to New York, rents a room from Titus, a wannabe Broadway actor and is reintroduced to modern life. The show is an easy watch and much like Doomsday Preppers, it is ideal for binge watching.

What have you been loving throughout June?

Please note this post contains affiliate links.