Last Minute Gift Idea? Soap and Glory Bubble Act Gift Set

Please note this post contains a PR sample. The post also contains affiliate links.

Soap and Glory Bubble Act Gift Set

As Christmas quickly creeps up on us it’s about time we pulled our fingers out and got organised for the bearded guy in the red suit arriving. I’m all sorted for the festive period. However, I know many of you will still be looking to pick up those last minute gifts. Especially for those hard to buy people. If you’re looking to buy a certain beauty lover a big gift but aren’t quite sure on what to purchase, fear not. I have you covered.

Every year Soap and Glory bring out their big festive Christmas gift set. Plus every year it goes half price at Boots. Now is that time. If you’re a big Soap and Glory fan then it’s a good opportunity to get your hands on a lot of products at a good price. It also means that if you want to get a loved one an impressive gift you can do so without paying a really stupid amount of money. This year’s offering is the Bubble Act gift set. The set comes housed in a beautiful tin designed by graphic designer, art director and illustrator Zuki Turner. The design combines Zuki’s signature collage style along with S&G’s signature vintage ladies for a super pretty circus theme.

What’s inside the Soap and Glory Bubble Act Gift Set?

Not only is the packaging exciting, the contents of the Soap and Glory Bubble Act set are also sure to get any beauty fan excited. Inside the pretty tin, you’ll find a whole bunch of products. There are my favourites like the Thick and Fast Mascara which I mentioned in my favourite mascaras post. The Scrub Of Your Life, Clean On Me Body Wash, The Righteous Butter Body Butter and the Oringal Pink fragrance Soap and Glory Body Spray.

Then we have an array of super famous products such as Hand Food, Peaches & Clean Cleanser and the Sexy Mother Pucker Lipgloss in the shade Bare Enough. We also have a single use Bright + Beautiful Radiance-Boosting Mask which was launched as part of S+G’s Mask Force Five. Then there are a handful of new products that I’ve never come across before. There’s the Fizz-A-Ball, a small 100g bath bomb fragranced with the Original Pink fragrance. There’s The Rushover Dry Shampoo which is sure to come in handy when your hair needs some TLC. And the final new product to me is the Melty Talented Dry Skin Balm. This is a softening product which can be used on the nails, hair tips, lips, knees, you name it!

Is the Soap and Glory Bubble Act Gift Set worth it?

There’s no denying that you get a decent amount of products in the Soap and Glory Bubble Act Gift Set but the question is, is it good value for money? Well, everything in the set comes to £80. However, you can pick the set up at Boots for £30 which is a total steal, especially for those die-hard S+G fans. Do I like the set? Of course! I think the set includes a lovely selection of cult Soap and Glory products. However, the addition of newer products is equally great as it allows me to discover and try new products. If I had to really pick flaws with the set then I would say I’d have liked some Sugar Crush scented products. However, that is purely personal preference as I just love that fragrance.

All in all the 2018 Soap and Glory star gift set certainly impresses without totally breaking the bank. Despite containing none of my fave Sugar Crush scented products the set still contains a fair few of my favourites. Therefore I really cannot complain. Hats off to Soap and Glory! Another year, another fantastic set.

Will you be purchasing the Soap and Glory Bubble Act Gift Set?

Please note this post contains a PR sample. The post also contains affiliate links.