Lotil Original Cream Review

Lotil Original Cream Review

Lotil Original Cream Review

Early on in my blogging days I actually reviewed the Lotil Original Cream but back then my blogging skills weren’t the best. Back then I really enjoyed the product and to this day I still do really like Lotil. Because my previous blog post was lacking I decided to share my up to date and more detailed review of the product.

Firstly Lotil is a moisturising cream that is said to be great for dry skin. The cream has a slightly talc-like scent but I find it to be pleasant and certainly not overwhelming. When it comes to moisturising the skin, the cream is surprisingly fast absorbing which means it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky. Instead, it leaves the skin feeling, soft, smooth and hydrated. I particularly like to use Lotil on my feet and hands as I find it tackles dryness on these areas really well. I have briefly tried this on my face but I simply prefer to use Astral Cream for this area. When it comes to the results of Lotil Cream, I definitely notice an improvement to my dry skin whenever I use the product. Results to flaky patches aren’t instant. However, if you use this cream on a regular basis, you can definitely achieve good results.

A great multipurpose moisturising cream

What I like about Lotil is how it is a multipurpose product. While I like to use this on my hands and feet, I know others who use the product for different areas. Some people I know use Lotil as a facial moisturiser. Others like to use it to keep dry Eczema patches under control. I even know a lady who uses Lotil as a hydrating nail cream. Its no wonder its been around for over 100 years because it actually works.

One of the reasons I think Lotil is so effective is because it contains Lanolin. Lanolin is a yellow waxy substance secreted from sheep. It sounds grim but it is actually in a lot of beauty products on the market. Lanolin is excellent for moisturising the skin but unfortunately, this means that Lotil is not Vegan-friendly. Having said that, Lotil does state that they do not test on animals. I just thought it was something worth pointing out for those who are Vegan or use Vegan products.

The only real complaint that I have about Lotil is that the packaging is boring. This may seem like a silly complaint but I think if the packaging was more eye-catching, I think more people would stop and look at Lotil. Thus more people could discover and enjoy the product. Anyway, Lotil is available to buy from Boots (link) for just £3.59 for 50ml.

Have you tried the Lotil Original Cream? What did you think?

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