MAC Burgundy Times Nine Dupe? W7 The Naughty Nine Palette

MAC Burgundy Times Nine Dupe | W7 The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights PaletteMAC Burgundy Times Nine Dupe | W7 The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights Palette SwatchesMAC Burgundy Times Nine Dupe | W7 The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights Palette SwatchesMAC Burgundy Times Nine Dupe? W7 The Naughty Nine Palette

I love a good MAC product I as find as a whole they’re good quality and a nice little treat however the eye-watering prices are certainly off-putting. Because of this reason I’m always on the look out for more affordable dupes. Not too long back I discovered some MAC Eyeshadow Brush Dupes that set me back less than £2 for four brushes. If I’d have purchased the MAC brushes I would have easily had spent a whopping £80.

A little while back I discovered the W7 The Naughty Nine Palette in Mid Summer Nights. This looks very identical to the MAC Burgundy Times Nine Palette thus making it a MAC Burgundy Times Nine Dupe. Now I’m not going to lie, I’ve not tried the MAC product and I can guess that the shadows are better quality. However, if you want an identical shade selection without breaking the bank, this cheap palette is worth checking out. Much like the MAC product this palette contains nine different shades.

W7 The Naughty Nine Palette shades:

MAC Honey Lust dupe: This is a bronzy copper shade that is packed full of shimmer and glitter. The shade has a surprisingly buttery and soft texture. It is also nicely pigmented but sadly prone to messy fallout. MAC Poppy Seed Dupe: This is a mauve toned nude shade that works as an excellent crease colour. The shade is completely matte but has good colour payoff for an affordable shadow. It is a little on the powdery side but I wouldn’t consider it to be too difficult to work with. MAC Quarry dupe: This is a soft plum toned brown. It has a matte finish and it slightly less pigmented than the previous shade. It does, however, blend fairly well but it is prone to fallout due to its powdery texture.

MAC Antiqued dupe: This is a bronzy ashy brown that has amazing colour pay off. The shade is shimmery but not over the top and has a very buttery texture. The only downside to the shade is the fact that you have to really work it when it comes to blending. MAC Embark dupe: This is a deep matte brown that has a red tone to it. It is a matte shade that has impressive colour payoff but again it is prone to fallout. MAC Noir dupe: In the pan, this appears as an almost black brown with flecks of gold glitter running throughout. On the skin, however, the glitter is much less noticeable and the shadow its self isn’t that pigmented. Out of all the shades, I think I unfortunately find the Noir dupe to be the most disappointing.

MAC Haux dupe: This is one of my favourite shades in the palette. It is a rosy brown colour that has a silky satin like finish. The shade has brilliant pigmentation, less fallout than other shades and is very flattering. MAC Star Violet dupe: This shade is a plum toned brown that has a similar texture to the Antiqued dupe in the palette. The shadow is gorgeous and in the light it has a slight pink look about it. The shade is different to any other colour I have in my collection and has a formula that I’ve enjoyed working with. MAC Sketch dupe: This is a burgundy colour that contains some extremely subtle red glitter running throughout. This is a matte colour but it does have a slightly shimmery look about it. I didn’t expect this shade to work with my skin tone but I really enjoy wearing this colour.

Is this MAC Burgundy Times Nine dupe worth checking out?

Personally, I think W7 have done quite a good job producing this MAC Burgundy Times Nine dupe. The selection of shades is extremely close to the ones in the pricey palette and the palette is extremely cheap in comparison. Of course, the formulas of the shadows in the W7 The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights palette aren’t exactly flawless but for the price I consider them to be pretty great. At the time of writing this post, the W7 The Naughty Nine Mid Summer Nights palette is available from the Fragrance Direct website for a mere £2.50. I think the colour selection in this palette is great for Autumn and Winter so I’ll no doubt be reaching for the palette more often later in the year.

Have you tried this palette? What did you think of it?