MAC Eyeshadow Brush Dupes For Under £2

MAC Eyeshadow Brush DupesMAC Eyeshadow Brush Dupes

MAC Eyeshadow Brush Dupes For Under £2

When it comes to makeup brushes I’ll be honest, I really dislike paying an arm and a leg for them. Now I know that makeup brushes are incredibly important tools that help you achieve great makeup looks, however, I’ve got to admit, the bargain hunter within me just loves a good deal. To get a good deal I tend to avoid buying brushes from specific brush shops as I often find they place a hefty markup price on their tools so I tend to buy directly from brush manufacturers on one of my all time favourite websites, AliExpress.

The entire site is full of top quality brushes at super low prices. It is also riddled with dupes and that is where I came across the MAC Eyeshadow Dupe Brush Set which cost me around £1.69 to purchase however, this price does tend to fluctuate as there’s always deals and discounts going on but, to be honest, I’ve never seen this set go over the £2 mark, well not from this seller anyway. In the set, you get four MAC eyeshadow brush dupes so it is definitely good value for money.

So-called MAC 217 Eyeshadow Brush Dupe:

The first brush you get is an oval-shaped blending brush. The brush contains white coloured hairs which are densely packed together. This brush is fantastic for blending out colour in both the outer corner and the crease. I find with this brush I can use both powder and cream products. This makes me reach for this brush a lot due to its diversity. This brush is said to be a dupe for the MAC 217 brush and it isn’t hard to see why as the two are unbelievably identical.

So-called MAC 219 Eyeshadow Brush Dupe:

The second brush you receive in the set is a classic blending brush with white hairs. Now the seller who I bought this off claims that it is a dupe for the MAC 219. However, I can firmly say that the two really aren’t identical. So in my eyes, this definitely isn’t a dupe for that brush. However, it is a good brush and works very well at blending. It’s actually quite similar to the MAC 224 brush dupe mentioned below but of course, it is different in the sense that it is white, a little smaller in size and a smidgen firmer. All in all, though, I am happy to have received this brush, even if it technically isn’t a good dupe for the 219 brush.

So-called MAC 224 Eyeshadow Brush Dupe:

The third brush you get is a brush that is made up of brown coloured hairs and is a tapered dome-shaped brush. This brush is great for really controlled eyeshadow application. It is also ideal if you want to achieve really specific definition when it comes to blending. This is actually one of my favourite brushes in the set as I find it ideal for achieving a perfectly blended look. This is said to be an excellent dupe for the MAC 224 brush. The only thing that I have spotted different is that this brush contains brown hairs rather than black hairs and it doesn’t have quite a tapered cut in comparison to the original but as far as dupes go, it certainly isn’t bad.

So-called MAC 239 Eyeshadow Brush Dupe:

And the fourth and final brush you receive in the set is the shader brush which contains white hairs. This is a super soft brush which I find perfect for packing colour onto the lid. This is a great brush for both powder and cream formula. I do use it for both formulas, however, I’ve really been enjoying this for applying my much-loved Maybelline Colour Tattoos. Having said that, you can actually do so much more than just packing colour on with this brush due to its great shape. You can blend with it and even contour the lids with it due to its flat side. Its a really versatile brush and is almost a sort of three in one brush. The brush is also said to be a dupe for the MAC 239 brush. And by the looks of it, the two are pretty identical.

Fantastic brush set that is great value for money

All in all, I’ve got to say for the price this is a really good set of MAC eyeshadow brush dupes. The brushes are made really well. They feature strong wooden handles, sturdy metal ferrules and the hairs are all cut evenly and well. The only thing I will say is that the hair that each brush contains is goat so if you are someone who is very passionate about vegan brushes, these probably aren’t for you. In terms of the quality, though, the hairs are very, very soft. I’ve washed these brushes a couple of times and I’ve experienced minimal shedding. Plus I’ve found the MAC eyeshadow brush dupes always regain their shape well when drying.

The white-haired brushes have unfortunately experienced ever so slight staining but, to be honest, this was something I was expecting. The only real downside to these brushes is that when I first received them they did have a very potent chemical smell. It was almost like strong paint or that intense nail glue aroma. It was very overwhelming but after a week or so, the smell did wear off and is no longer detectable. And just in case anyone was wondering, these brushes do not come with fake MAC logos printed on them. Nor do they contain any numbers or writing at all on them which personally I was pleased about. If you are looking for more makeup brush dupes, check out my Sigma Beauty Brush Dupes post.

Have you tried these MAC Eyeshadow Brush Dupes? What did you think of them?