Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters Review

Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters ReviewMakeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter Peach Mood Lights ReviewMakeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter Sunlight Mood Lights ReviewMakeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter Rose Quartz Light ReviewMakeup Revolution Gradient Highlighter Peach Mood Lights, Sunlight Mood Lights and Rose Quartz Light Swatches

Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters Review

Recently I received three shades of a brand new product from TAM Beauty, the makers of Makeup Revolution. The product? A gradient blush and highlight cheek product. These Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters contain highlighter and colour so you can achieve your ideal intensity of colour. The shades I received were Peach Mood Lights, Sunlight Mood Lights and Rose Quartz Light. Now I’ve tried my fair share of Makeup Revolution Blushes so naturally, I was over the moon to receive these products in the post.

Three very different but pretty shades

The first shade I received, Peach Mood Lights is a product right up my street. It is a combination of light and darker pinks. It has an overall fun feel to it and reminds me of Barbie. The colour is nice and cool toned and works beautifully with my pale complexion. The second shade I received, Sunlight Mood Lights, is much more of a coral toned warmer shade. Don’t get me wrong the shade is very pretty but compared to Peach Mood Lights, I prefer this one less. With this colour, I definitely like to apply it with more of a light hand. But that is the beauty of these blushes, you can really play around with the colour and switch up the intensity.

The final shade I received was Rose Quartz Light. Now, this is a combination of coral, pinks and bronze shades. It is a very rose gold type of shade. When I first spotted this shade I didn’t think it would work for me. In the pan, Rose Quartz appears very dark and intense. However, I’ve had a play around with it and I do like it. It is a bit on the warm side but I can still manage to pull it off. Out of the three shades, this is definitely my least favourite. However, I still like the colour and have enjoyed sporting it. 

Slightly powdery in texture but they feel smooth on the skin

In terms of the texture of the blush highlight hybrids they are a little on the powdery side but once on the skin, each feels nice smooth. They are pigmented but definitely not on the strong side. This is a plus for me as I am really able to easily control how intense the colour comes off on my skin. It also means that I can quickly and easily achieve a more natural-looking wash of colour. The only thing that I feel really lets the Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters down is the packaging. This, of course, isn’t a big deal at all but I would have also loved to see some gradient packaging to match the product inside. Then again at £4.00 each, this is definitely something I can for sure look past.

In terms of the wear time, I find these last okay on my skin. Longevity isn’t amazing nor is it terrible either. It’s just alright which I am used to with more affordable products. Overall I must say, I really quite like the Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters and hope to see them available in more shades in the future. I’d particularly like to see some more cooler toned colours.

Have you tried any of the Makeup Revolution Gradient Highlighters?

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