Makeup Revolution Pigments

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Makeup Revolution Pigments | Indirect and Allure
Makeup Revolution Pigments | Indirect and Allure Swatches
When it comes to loose eyeshadow and pigments I have a love hate relationship with them. Quite often I find that the shades are super pretty and really nicely pigmented however, one thing I really dislike is how messy they can be and the amount of effort they take to apply as lets face it, they’re not the ideal kind of product to reach for when you are in a rush and strapped for time. Because of the above reasons I have a drawer full of loose shadows that barely get any use. Recently I decided to go through my collection and made a little pledge to myself that I would be a tad more adventurous when it comes to my makeup habits so I pulled out two of the Makeup Revolution Pure Pigments. The first shade I’ve been using has been the shade Indirect and the second shade I’ve been using has been Allure. Indirect is a absolutely stunning pink toned silver shade. It is very pretty and very shimmery. It looks gorgeous as a daytime all over lid colour on my pale skin and I reckon those with darker skin tones may even be able to get away with using it as a highlight colour. Allure on the other hand is a absolutely beautiful purple toned silver. It is very duo chrome like and very shimmery. I don’t think I have anything quite like this shade already in my collection. In terms of the quality of both shades, they are quite dusty but they are surprisingly pigmented when applied directly on the skin. Having said that I really don’t recommend just popping these eyeshadows directly on the lids, I seriously urge you to apply a decent primer underneath as it not only helps with the wear time (without anything underneath I find they fade a little faster than I’d like) and the primer also helps to really make the colours pop, making the shades vibrant and even more gorgeous. At just £1 each they’re a steal in my eyes and I will definitely be picking up some of the other shades that the brand has to offer.
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