My All-Time Favourite Glasses? Infinity BL8010 From SelectSpecs

Infinity BL8010 From SelectSpecs

For a couple of years now I’ve needed glasses for distance. Before I used to only really require glasses for driving or watching the TV but I find myself relying on them more and more. Recently I went for my eye test and discovered that my prescription, unsurprisingly had changed. The independent opticians I went to were great in terms of their eye test but I felt like they were a bit too sales like and pushy when it came to getting an actual pair of specs. Because of this and their pretty high prices (£50 JUST for some anti-reflective coating!), I decided to take a look online.

SelectSpecs offer FREE lenses and coatings on their glasses

There are various places online where you can pick up affordable glasses but I decided to opt for using SelectSpecs. SelectSpecs have apparently been around since 2005. Their prices start from as low as £6 which includes FREE lenses and coatings, a big difference from the £50 fee that my independent optician was going to charge me for one coating. SelectSpecs also offer a range of designer glasses if you feel like purchasing something a bit more luxury. The company also offer 14-day money back returns and free shipping on orders over £75.

Whenever I seem to look at online glasses shops they always all seem to have offers where you can get glasses for next to nothing. However, in my experience, these glasses aren’t really my style. To put it bluntly, they can be a bit ugly. But that was not the case when I looked on the SelectSpecs website. I found lots of pretty styles available from their budget range. I actually found it quite hard to choose just one pair so, in the end, I narrowed it down to two.

Two pairs of glasses set me back £30.95 including £5.96 postage and packaging

The first pair of specs that I ordered were the Hallmark 1615 which were actually quite similar to my previous pair of glasses. The pair cost me £10.00 including Anti-Reflection and Scratch Resistance coatings. I do like the pair and I may feature them on my blog in the future but out of the two, I really fell in love with the Infinity BL8010 pair. Speaking of which, they set me back just £15.00 including the two coatings that I also got free with the previous pair. The Infinity BL8010 are quite a big and rectangular frame so they seem to work well with my round face shape and chubby cheeks. The glasses themselves feel pretty well made and unlike my last pair from Goggles4U, they aren’t flimsy.

The Infinity BL8010 have 140mm arms, an 18mm bridge, a 52mm lens and are 42mm in height. They fit my face perfectly and I personally feel like they suit me. Both pairs of glasses that I purchased came with a case, cloth and a 12-month warranty, so for the price, they’re excellent. I found they took exactly 7 days to arrive from the order day. They were posted through my letterbox and packaged really well with lots of bubble wrap to protect them.

SelectSpecs are ideal for those on a budget or those who want to save a bit of money on their specs

I’ve been super impressed with the service from SelectSpecs, so much so that I have taken it upon myself to write this post about my two purchases. The fact that I managed to get two pairs of glasses for less than it would cost me to get a single coating on a pair at my opticians blows my absolute mind. If you’re on a budget, trying to save some money or looking for a nice variety of frames I definitely recommend heading over to the site and taking a look.

My All Time Favourite Glasses? Infinity BL8010 From SelectSpecs

Have you ever used SelectSpecs?

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