My Jolie Caramel Macaron Candle Review

My Jolie Caramel Macaron CandleMy Jolie Caramel Macaron Candle Bracelet

My Jolie Caramel Macaron Candle Review

I was recently sent the My Jolie Caramel Macaron Candle which is basically a caramel macaron scented candle with a twist. Inside the candle is a piece of jewellery. In terms of the actual piece of jewellery you cannot pick and choose, however, you can select the type you want to receive. For example, you can choose from either a ring, bracelet or necklace. When it comes to the specific design of the piece of jewellery, it is a total surprise. Because of the surprise element, I think the My Jolie Caramel Macron Candle would be an ideal gift for a loved one.

In terms of the scent, the candle has a very rich caramel fragrance to it. It reminds me a lot of the Yankee Simply Home Toasted Marshmallow Large Candle although the My Jolie Candle is definitely a little richer rather than super sweet. In terms of burn time, it lasted pretty well. My Jolie Candle claims that their candles last up to 35 hours of burn time. Whilst I didn’t track the exact burn time of my candle, I found it lasted very well. In terms of the overall quality of the candle, I found the vegetable wax burnt evenly. And I didn’t experience any issues with the cotton wick.

A good quality candle but the fragrance cannot fill a room

The only real issue I had was with the intensity of the fragrance. I love a candle that can fill a room with its fragrance. Sadly the My Jolie Caramel Macaron Candle did not do that. Instead of having a real strong scent, the fragrance is much more delicate. Obviously, the Caramel Macaron scent is quite rich so perhaps this is a good thing as maybe it would be sickly if stronger? Basically, if you’re close to the candle you will detect it but if it’s across the room, from experience I haven’t been able to pick up the scent.

Anyway, in terms of the jewellery within the candle, My Jolie Candle claim that inside every candle is a piece of silver jewellery with a crystal from Swarovski. If you’re even luckier you might even find a gold piece with a real diamond worth up to €5,000. The jewellery comes inside your candle, protected in highly- resistant foil. Essentially you’ve got to burn your candle to get to the jewellery.

In my candle, I received a silver bracelet complete with a pretty Swarovski crystal. The piece is dainty, simple yet very pretty. The only problem is, the 18cm bracelet is too small for my chubby wrists. This means that I’m unable to wear it which is a bit sad. In terms of quality though it is good piece.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the My Jolie Caramel Macaron Candle. I think it would be a great little gift for a loved one. Plus the jar even makes a great brush holder when you’ve burnt the candle. My Jolie Candles retail at £19.90 for a ring candle, £24.90 for a bracelet candle and £29.89 for a necklace candle. The candles are 150g/5.3oz.

Have you tried the My Jolie Caramel Macaron Candle?