My Most Reached For Eyeshadow Brushes

My Most Reached For Eyeshadow Brushes

My Most Reached For Eyeshadow Brushes

Real Techniques Dupe – Oval Shaped Eyeshadow Brush (link)

My first most reached for brush would definitely have to be my Real Techniques Oval Shaped Eyeshadow Brush dupe which I got in my Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Dupes set. This brush is quite large in size but I still find it excellent for quickly applying colour all over the lid, especially if it is a base shade to counteract my eyelid veining. The brush is incredibly soft and surprisingly great quality. I’ve washed the brush around five or six times now and I can’t really say I’ve noticed any shedding occurring although I have noticed that the brush has unfortunately experienced some staining. This isn’t something that I am too concerned about but others might find this an issue.

Real Techniques Dupe – Angled Liner Brush (link)

The second brush from my Real Techniques brush dupe set that is one of my most reached for eyeshadow brushes is the Angled Liner Brush. Now oddly unlike the Oval Shaped Eyeshadow Brush, this hasn’t experienced any staining at all, despite the fact that I tend to use it with much darker colours and I sometimes use it for black gel eyeliner. Anyway, this brush is perfect for applying both powder and liner to define the eyes. It is quite a sturdy brush but it still has a slight movement to it which makes it ideal for also applying brow products with ease for a defined and neat but natural looking application.

MAC 224 Brush Dupe (link)

Now this brush might just be my absolute favourite out of the lot. I got this brush a little while back along with four others for around £1.69. Yes, that’s right, for four brushes! A bargain, I know. If you’d like to hear about the other brushes in the set, be sure to check out my MAC Eyeshadow Brush Dupes For Under £2 post. Anyway, this brush is said to be a dupe for the famous MAC 224 brush and whilst I don’t own that brush, I can tell you that this brush is amazingly brilliant for blending out eyeshadows. The brush has a top-notch tapered dome shape which means that you can really precisely blend shadow to get that perfectly finished result. The brush is easy to clean and retains its shape well, plus despite washing it countless times, it hasn’t lost any hairs, not bad considering its low price tag.

ELF Cosmetics Essential Eyeshadow Brush (link)

And my fourth most used eyeshadow brush is the ELF Cosmetics Essential Eyeshadow Brush. This is another affordable brush that is great for packing colour onto the lids. The brush is quite soft in texture and even works fairly well for the odd bit of blending although it doesn’t work as well as my faux MAC 224 when it comes to this. Anyway, this brush is pretty well made but I do find that after you’ve used it a lot it can need replacing. I tend to get a new brush roughly every year as although this doesn’t shed like crazy, each time you do wash it, it can lose a hair or two. Understandably over time the brush does become a little thinner and although still usable, I find to get the same results I definitely need to buy a new one to replace it.

ELF Cosmetics Eye Crease Brush (link)

And lastly is the ELF Cosmetics Eye Crease Brush. Now the shedding that occurs with the ELF Cosmetics Essential Eyeshadow Brush? The same thing happens with this. Apart from that I can’t really fault it. The brush is the perfect size and shape for applying colour to the crease to add a lovely bit of definition to any eye look. What I like about this brush is that it gives just the right amount of precision and really allows you to easily control the amount of colour that you apply. The only thing I will say is that there’s been a couple of times when I’ve ordered new brushes and they haven’t been cut particularly well, so do be aware of this issue.

What are your most reached for eyeshadow brushes? Have you tried any of the above eyeshadow brushes?