Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base Review

Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base

Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base

Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base Swatch

Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base Review

I’ve recently discovered a new and interesting product that has changed my whole makeup routine. The product I’m talking about is the Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base. For a while now I’ve been after a really good white base for my eyeshadow but I actually struggled to find one for an affordable price. It was only because I spotted this on Beauty Crowd during a 50% off promotion that I ended up with it and boy am I glad I spotted it.

A highly pigmented eyeshadow base

The Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base is a small pot that contains a white coloured matte cream. It is super thick in texture and extremely pigmented. When it comes to eyeshadow bases I like mine to really help prolong the wear time of my eye makeup. This product does that and more. Because of its white colour, this base helps to enhance the appearance of any eyeshadow and really makes the appearance “pop” I particularly like to use this with matte shadows that sometimes look a bit bland as this just makes the colour so much stronger and prettier. I do also like to team this up with shimmer and glitter shadows, although it can make them look a bit too “wow” making them not that suitable for everyday wear but great for nights out and special occasions.

A product that I love, but a product that has issues

My only real issues with the product are that the pot isn’t the most hygienic. Although this can be tackled by using clean brushes each time you dip into the pot. The second issue is the way it blends. Because the product has such a thick texture, even when warmed up with the fingers it can still be really tough to blend into the skin. This can cause tugging of the lids which isn’t that great.

However, I find if you just dab it on gently and blend using a soft patting motion, this really helps. Although it can be a bit time-consuming and probably not the best technique if you’re someone who is very impatient. In the long run, it is much better for your skin and eye area. As for the wear time, it keeps my shadow in place all day long. Much like the case with various other primers I’ve tried.

Apart from my two issues, though, I love this stuff. The Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base currently retails at £4.95 for 5.5g and is available to purchase on the Beauty Crowd website Ps. how utterly stunning is the rose gold packaging!?

Update: Beauty Crowd are no longer in business making this product very difficult to get hold of in the UK. If you’re looking for an alternative, I highly recommend the W7 Get Set Eyeshadow Bases.

Have you tried the Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base? What did you think of it?