NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Best Of Broadway Review

NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Best Of Broadway

NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Best Of Broadway Swatches

Recently I picked up the NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Best Of Broadway from Fragrance Direct for just 75p (link) yes you read that correctly, 75p! To be honest with you I really was not expecting much at all for four eyeshadows that cost so little but they’ve actually performed rather well considering their very low price tag.

So in the little quad palette you get four different shades. The first shade is a pale yellow toned champagne colour. This shade is ideal for use as a highlighter on both the inner corner and on the brow bone. It has a satin finish to it and although not badly pigmented, it still does require a little building up to get great colour payoff. The second shade in the mini palette is a pale peach. This is great for use as an all over the lid shade. Much like the highlighter shade this also has a satin finish and requires some building up. The third colour you get is an absolutely beautiful red toned chocolate-brown. This is a shade that I’ve enjoyed using in the crease to add that gorgeous definition to my eye look. This eyeshadow has a little bit of shimmer running throughout it but does mostly appear as a matte. The pigmentation of this colour is pretty good and nothing to turn your nose up at. And the final shade you get is a deep brown that has a slight grey tone to it. In the pan it does appear as a slightly grey toned black, but don’t let that fool you. Much like the case with the previous shade mentioned, this does contain a very, very small amount of shimmer but it does actually come across as a matte. The pigmentation for this colour is pretty decent, not the best but not poor by any means. When all shadows are combined you get a beautiful wearable peachy brown look. It can come across a little orange depending on how much of each colour you apply but it isn’t something that majorly clashes with my cool toned complexion.

In terms of the actual NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Best Of Broadway shadow feel and formula, each shade feels quite silky and soft. The shadows don’t have as good pigmentation as some of the other more affordable brands like Makeup Revolution and NYX but in a way I weirdly like the colour pay off they give as I feel as though I can easily build up the colours to my desired intensity. One thing I will say is that when it comes to blending, the shades all blend effortlessly except for the darkest shade. I found when using this shade I really had to work hard my brush to tackle those harsh lines where the shadow sticks out like a sore thumb from the other colours. Eventually I do manage to get it blended to my satisfaction but sometimes it can be slightly annoying and frustrating having to spend extra time on something that in theory shouldn’t really take that long.

As for the wear time of the NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Best Of Broadway shadows, I find that you really do need to work with a primer when using this product. One of the main reasons for this is because the shadows are so prone to powdery fall out. It isn’t just when the shadows are first applied, as the day goes on if you’re not using a primer, you begin to see eyeshadow fall out on your under eyes. Another reason why I really stress that you use a primer is because after around 4-5 hours the eyeshadows begin to noticeably fade, they don’t really crease, but they do fade. This isn’t so noticeable when it comes to that deep shade but with the lighter shades, it is definitely something you pick up on. All that being said, if you use a primer you can get some good wear out of the colours.

All in all I don’t love the NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Best Of Broadway but I like it. It isn’t the best quality eye shadow palette I’ve tried and it is far from perfect however, I think for the price it isn’t bad. Sure I’d love for the shadows to have better lasting power and have less fall out but to be honest with you, I can tackle those issues quite easily with the help of a primer so it isn’t a huge deal for me, plus if I really wanted high performing shadows I’d reach for an Urban Decay palette. I think this palette is great for creating every day wearable looks as all the shades come compact in one little palette so there’s no fumbling around looking for shadows to pair with each other on a busy morning. For 75p you cannot go wrong really.

Have you tried the NYC Eyeshadow Quad in Best Of Broadway? What did you think of it?