Product Rave: Technic Colourmax Lipsticks + Swatches

Product Rave: Technic Colourmax LipsticksProduct Rave: Technic Colourmax Lipsticks Swatches

Product Rave: Technic Colourmax Lipsticks + Swatches

Not long ago I wrote a blog post raving about the Technic Juicy Lip Stick Lip Glosses. In the post, I mentioned about previously avoiding the brand after trying some of their products a while ago and being disappointed with the quality and performance but since then my opinion of the brand has really changed since trying some of their newer products. Back in July, I received a big bundle of makeup for my birthday and as well as the Technic Juicy Lip Stick Lip Glosses, I received four of the Technic Colourmax Lipsticks and so far I’ve been very, very impressed with them. The colours I received were Nude, Pink, Deep Purple and Coral.

Pink, a MAC Candy Yum Yum dupe?

I enjoy all four shades and I’ve got to say, considering how affordable they are, the quality is very, very good. First up I’ll talk about Nude. Now I was expecting this to be a sort of flesh-toned colour, especially with it, having the shade name Nude, however, in reality, it is actually a beautiful baby pink. I find this a very wearable shade and probably the “safest” colour out of the bunch. Then we have Pink. Pink is a very bright fuchsia which kind of reminds me of MAC Yum Yum. This is a very bold colour and one that you have to be brave to pull off but when applied lightly, it can be a flattering and wearable.

Then we have Deep Purple which is quite possibly my favourite shade out of them all. Deep Purple is the perfect shade for the Autumn and Winter months. It is a deep berry shade that is super flattering on my pale skin. I like that it can be worn heavy for a really intense vampy look or applied lightly for a sort of toned-down berry stain look. And last but not least is Coral. This is, you guessed it, is a true coral shade. This would be perfect for Summer on a variety of different skin tones and I think it is a colour I will definitely be reaching for more often in the future months when the weather gets a little bit warmer.

Cheap and cheerful, highly pigmented lipsticks

In terms of the quality, each lipstick is very nicely pigmented. You’ll probably be able to see this from my swatches above. I will say that the shade Nude does seem to be a teeny tiny bit less pigmented in comparison to the other three shades but it certainly isn’t what I would consider to be disappointing or poor. One thing I would like to point out is that when I first tried out these lipsticks they did pull my lips a teeny tint bit but since then they’ve been absolutely fine and apply well so I can’t complain.

Something that I really like about these lipsticks in comparison to other lippies I’ve tried? The shape of the bullet. I love the angled flat design as I find it makes application quicker and easier. Another thing I like is the overall packaging. Sure it isn’t really exciting or colourful, but it is sleek-looking, sturdy, protects the product and gets the job done. All in all? I like these lipsticks. I think for the price they are amazing and certainly worth checking out. The cheap Technic lipsticks are currently available from Fragrance Direct and retail at just 99p each.

Have you tried the Technic Colourmax Lipsticks? What did you think of them?