Product Rave: Technic Juicy Stick Lip Glosses

Product Rave: Technic Juicy Stick Lip Glosses in Tropical and PlumProduct Rave: Technic Juicy Stick Lip Glosses Tropical and Plum Swatches

Product Rave: Technic Juicy Stick Lip Glosses

Up until recently, Technic was a brand that I avoided like the plague. The reason for this? I’m not entirely 100% sure, however, I think it stems from trying a few products from them when I was first getting into makeup. Back then their products seemed to be poorly pigmented and performing, plus their packaging really looked quite boring and unimaginative (no offence Technic)

Anyway, recently I tried a whole bunch of their products after receiving a bundle of makeup goodies back in July for my birthday and I’ve got to admit, I really do wish I gave Technic a chance sooner. First up I tried two of the Technic Juicy Stick Lip Glosses. These are essentially very much similar to the likes of your typical chubby stick type lip product. These sticks retail at just £1 each making them super affordable and they are available to purchase from one of my favourite online retail shops, Fragrance Direct (link)

Tropical, a fun and bright Fuchsia that is perfect for Summer

The two shades I received in my makeup bundle were Tropical and Plum. In the tube Tropical is a bright fuchsia pink but when swatched it appears much more blue toned. This is a perfect shade for Summer as it is fun, bold and vibrant. Now there really is nothing stopping you from wearing this all year round but I do think you must have balls as it is a very head turning kind of shade.

What I like about Tropical is that it is one of those shades that could work with a variety of different skin tones. I also like the fact that it has that blue undertone as this really helps to make teeth appear whiter and brighter. In terms of the formula, it is very nicely pigmented and applies evenly and smoothly onto the lips. It has an ever so slight glossy look but nothing too extreme. As for the longevity, I’d say it lasts a good 3-4 hours. This isn’t bad when you take into account the price as well as that slight glossy formula that it has.

Could Plum be a dupe for the MAC Lipstick in Rebel?

As for Plum, this is a super pretty deep purple toned berry shade. In the tube, the shade appears very, very dark, almost black and quite a scary shade. However, once swatched it becomes much more of a wearable colour that isn’t so bold. This is a shade that I think is ideal for this time of year when many people seem to go for a darker lip. If you like MAC Lipstick in Rebel, this is a slightly similar shade. Although I would definitely say that it is a lot more blue toned.

As for the formula, it is identical to Tropical. It’s got good pigmentation, it applies well and the lasting power isn’t too bad either so I can’t really complain. If I had to choose, I would say I much prefer Plum out of the two. This is just because I find this is a shade that I enjoy sporting more. It works a smidgen better with my complexion. Plus it is a great purse-friendly alternative to my pricey MAC Rebel lippy.

All in all, I’ve been really impressed with these two shades. I think Technic are definitely a brand I need to explore more. I suspect there are a few other hidden gems in their range waiting to be discovered. In the future I’ll definitely be purchasing more of the Technic Juicy Stick Lip Glosses as at £1, they’re a total steal. Other Technic products I’ve been enjoying recently include the Technic Colourmax Lipsticks.

Have you tried any of the Technic Juicy Stick Lip Glosses?