Product Rave – W7 Lip Paints

Product Rave - W7 Lip PaintsProduct Rave - W7 Lip Paints

Not long back I discovered two wonderful lip products from W7. I’m talking about the W7 Lip Paints in the shades Lady Luck and Girlie. The W7 Lip Paints kind of remind me of the Too Face Melted Lipsticks and the Makeup Revolution Lip Lavas. They basically have the consistency of a really buttery lip gloss but they have intense colour pay off. Both shades I purchased are super pretty however I think I like Lady Luck just that smidgen more. Lady Luck is a very pretty baby pink that is really quite milky and has an ever so slight purple undertone to it. The shade works well with my skin tone and is one of my favourite baby pinks in my entire makeup collection. As for Girlie, it is a slightly red toned bright fuchsia. It is such a fun and bold shade that would work well on both pale skin and darker, deep skin. As for the formula of the lip paints, both have a slightly thick glossy formula which feels nice and buttery on the lips. The paints are a teeny, tiny bit sticky but it really isn’t anything major or an issue for me. As you can see from the swatches above, both paints are super pigmented. Because of this I wouldn’t recommend applying directly from the tube as by doing this I’ve found I often apply far too much and I can’t get that really crisp and precise application that I like so instead I recommend popping a really small dot of product onto the back of your hand and applying with a trusty lip brush. This way you won’t waste product and you’ll be able to avoid any potential messes. Lastly, I’d just like to mention that the Lip Paints are rather long-lasting. Of course the glossy shine does wear off after a couple of hours on the lips but the actual colour does leave a nice stain behind which stays put for hours upon hours. If stained lips are something that worry you, don’t worry, I find by adding a little eye makeup remover to the lips on a cotton pad I am able to easily and gently return my lips back to their natural shade. All in all I think the W7 Lip Paints deserve to be raved about. I’ll definitely be purchasing some of the other shades in the range as if they are anything like these two I doubt if I’ll be disappointed. At a mere 99p each these are certainly worth their very low price tag.

Have you tried any of the W7 Lip Paints? What did you think of them? Were you a fan like me?