Products From The Natural Spa Factory

Products From The Natural Spa Factory

Today I’d like to introduce you all to a company I have recently discovered. The company I’m talking about is the Natural Spa Factory. The Natural Spa Factory is a British company which was established in Bath. The company is all about providing spa quality products that can be used at home. Sadly you cannot get your hands on any of the Natural Spa Factory goodies on the high street as they’re only available to purchase via their website and also through selected independent retailers. However, the good news is that their products are natural, free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, SLS, MCI and Methylisothiazolinone. Their products are also not tested on animals and they use botanically sourced ingredients. Natural Spa Factory ever so kindly sent me a selection of their products to try out and here is what I thought of them:

Gold Dry Body Oil – RRP £45.00 for 100ml

The first product I tried from the company was the Gold Dry Body Oil. This is a non greasy oil that contains a beautiful shimmer throughout it. It also contains jojoba, apricot kernals and sweet almond oils. What I really love about the Gold Dry Body Oil is that it can be used for various things. You can use it on the face to moisturise, it works super well on the décolletage for an evening out and you can even use it as a massage oil. It really is an effective multi-purpose product. Oh and it is true, it really isn’t greasy however, it is really moisturising and adds the most fantastic glow to the skin.


Strawberry Cream Body Scrub – RRP £20.00 for 250g

The second product that I tried from the selection was the Strawberry Cream Body Scrub. This was one product I was mega excited about and I was certainly eager to rip into the little sachet sample. Once opened I was greeted with a quite plain, coarse and quite dry-looking scrub however, once on the skin this quickly transformed. Once this scrub hit the warmth of my skin it almost instantly began to release its beautiful oils. As I massaged the scrub into my skin in circular motions I was quite surprised to put it bluntly. Despite the scrub having a rather chunky sea salt base, it wasn’t as harsh on the skin as I was expecting. I was expecting it to feel pretty rough on the skin but it was actually quite gentle which really did shock me. However, despite this scrub being really quite tame on the skin, this didn’t affect its ability to exfoliate the skin and it effectively removed those dead skin cells, even on those tougher areas such as the elbows and the knees. In terms of the scent, it was very delicate. It did smell a little like strawberries but it wasn’t a really strong or detectable fragrance. All in all I enjoyed using the scrub. The only thing I will say about this scrub is that because of the oil content, it did leave a residue on my skin. After around 2-3 hours the residue did fully sink into my skin leaving it nice and soft but I wasn’t a huge fan of the feeling when I first rinsed the scrub off.


Champagne Bathing Nectar – RRP £25.00 for 100ml

The third product I gave a whirl was the Champagne Bathing Nectar and my oh my was this a lovely product! If you love a good luxurious bath product, this is definitely for you. I also think that this would make a brilliant present for any loved ones who like their long soaks in the tub. Anyway, the Champagne Bathing Nectar is a champagne extract infused product which contains beautiful liquid gold. It is part of Natural Spa Factory’s health ageing regime, an anti-ageing range. The Champagne bathing Nectar contains a whole host of wonderful ingredients which are said to not only be indulgent but also rich in vitamins A, D and B and amino acids which in turn helps with the metabolism of the skin cells. When pouring this into the bath I found it to have a quite thick and luscious consistency. Once you run the nectar under the bath water the beautiful liquid gold dissolves and leaves an ever so slight shimmery look to the bath water so if you are worried about being covered in glittery substance, fear not, as this doesn’t transfer onto the skin. In terms of the bath feel, the nectar slightly softens the bath water but doesn’t at all feel greasy or oily which is something I really love about it. When it comes to the scent and results, I love both. The scent is really subtle but so, so musky and creamy which is definitely down to Amber. If I had to sum up the word luxury with a scent, I’d definitely be pointing towards this bottle. For the results I found the nectar to be really soothing and ideal for those nights that follow after stressful days. I also found the nectar to be ever so slightly moisturising on the skin which was definitely a win in my eyes.


Fig and Vanilla Body Wash – RRP £12.00 for 250ml

Next up I gave the Fig and Vanilla Body Wash a whirl. This product is transparent in colour and has a watery gel consistency. Now despite this being labelled as Fig and Vanilla scented, I actually found it to have a quite powerful floral fragrance. Some might say that the scent is quite “granny like” but I actually really like it. I also like that even three to four hours after use, the smell of the body wash is still detectable on the skin. When it comes to the body wash’s effectiveness I’d have to give it five out of five stars. It not only lathers up really, really well but it cleanses the skin without stripping it of all its moisture. It is also really gentle and leaves the skin feeling both clean and smooth.


Illuminate Gel Cleanser – RRP £18.00 for 50ml

And last but not least, I gave the Illuminate Gel Cleanser a whirl. This is absolutely ideal for those with dry skin as it is really quite hydrating plus, you only need a tiny amount to achieve great results. This is basically your typical, slightly sticky, gel cleanser but once the water hits the product it transforms into a creamy milk substance. The cleanser is not only super gentle but it cleans the skin excellently. It doesn’t at all dry the skin out and although I’ve only tried the product out for a week due to receiving a sample sachet pack, I’ve found my skin is looking that teeny tiny bit better than before I began using this cleanser.

Have you tried any products from Natural Spa Factory? What did you think? Were you a fan?