Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Dupes

Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Dupes

Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush Dupes

When Real Techniques released their newest Bold Metals Brushes I was an eager beaver to get my hands on the pretty looking makeup tools, however, when I saw the hefty price tag of each brush I was instantly turned off. At between £10 and £25 per brush I thought they were really quite extortionate. Now Real Techniques do state that the range is more luxurious in comparison to the original line and that is why the brushes are more pricey. Having said that, I still cannot justify spending that amount of money on one brush so I thought I’d look for a cheaper alternative.

Makeup Revolution did recently release an unbelievably identical range with the cheapest brush being £5.99 and the most “expensive” brush being £9.99. Now this is of course much more affordable compared to the original Real Techniques Brushes, however, I really wanted to find an even cheaper alternative, where I could buy all the brushes together as one set. And that’s when I went onto AliExpress and began searching. I soon came across the cheap Real Techniques brush alternative set for the very wonderful price of £7.40.

A strong brush line up

In the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush dupes set, I received three silver coloured brushes complete with white coloured synthetic hair. I got an oval-shaped eyeshadow brush. This is great for applying eyeshadow all over the lid as well as packing on colour. I also got a blending brush which is a little on the large side. But really, really awesome for blending out eyeshadow as well as being great for setting my under eye concealer. And lastly, I received an angled liner brush. This is not only fab for eyeliner, it is also top-notch for applying brow product.

Also in the set, I received two gold coloured brushes with white and beige coloured synthetic hairs. The first brush is a triangular-shaped foundation brush. I’ll be honest, I’m not really into applying my foundation with this style of brush. I much prefer to use my beauty blender so I haven’t really got much use out of it. The second brush, however, I love. The brush I’m talking about is a really big fluffy powder brush. I use this to dust a nice layer of finishing powder lightly over my face. I do this to ensure that my makeup is set without looking cakey or too heavy.

Pretty and effective brushes

And finally, I received two rose gold coloured brushes in the set. Both of which have pretty pink and white synthetic hairs. The first brush is a tapered blush brush which applies product to the apples of my cheeks like an absolute dream. It is definitely one of my favourites out of the set. The second rose gold coloured brush I got was a contour shaped brush. Now this is a brush that is a little thick but it makes blending out strong contour make up an almost effortless task, seriously this is a great brush.

Great brushes, especially for the price

In terms of the overall brush quality of the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush dupes set, I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed. I’ve not actually tried the Real Techniques Bold Metals range. However, I can tell you that these brushes are mega, mega soft. They are very well made considering how cheap they are to buy. And I’ve yet to have a brush shed on me. After washing they regain their soft texture and shape extremely well. They’re easy to wash, although it is worth mentioning that they can stain but it isn’t anything major.

The only thing I will point out is that the actual brush handles aren’t made of metal. Now I’m not sure if the RT brushes have metal handles but these ones have very sturdy plastic handles. Personally, I like them. I don’t find that they feel cheap and to be honest with you, they seem to be able to take a battering without showing any visible signs of wear and tear. For less than £7.50, I think these brushes are an absolute bargain. If you are on the lookout for other Real Techniques dupes be sure to check out my Real Techniques imitation brush set post.

Have you tried any Real Techniques Bold Metals Brush dupes?