Resident Evil 7: Super Scary But Enjoyable?

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Resident Evil 7: Super Scary But Enjoyable?
I am a total and utter wimp. Seriously I am. I am scared of my own shadow. I’m that bad. With all that being said, the last game on the planet I thought I’d fall in love with was Resident Evil 7, a jumpy survival horror. I guess it’s true what they say, after all, you can’t help who you fall for. This also isn’t the first time I’ve proclaimed my love for the game. I mentioned the game in both my June 2018 favourites and when I chatted about 3 impressive Xbox one games.

A game that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Anyway, in the game, you play as Ethan, a dude looking for his missing wife Mia in the Baker House. When playing you come across members of the family who have been infected who are known as “Molded.” In the game, you can use both stealth and combat and if you wish, you can attack the Molded with a variety of weapons. The game is really quite eerie at times and can catch you off guard with jump scares. 
There were a few times when playing Resident Evil 7 when I really thought I was going to end up having a heart attack. Seriously, it had me on the edge of my seat. However, I couldn’t look away. I was just WAY too engrossed in the story. There would be times when I knew something was going to jump out and I’d poop my pants. Then there would be times where I would just be happily searching around and BAM, mini heart attack.

A game that’ll provide you with lots of laughs when it comes to your jumpscare reactions.

As a self-confessed wimp, I’ll happily admit that I had to play this game only when my boyfriend was around. Yeah, I’m that much of a scaredy pants. However, I think playing Resident Evil 7 with someone else there for moral support has its advantages. Because the game is so jumpy at times it provides you with a lot of laughs and let’s be fair, laughter shared is the best. One thing I will say though is that the first hour of gameplay is by far the scariest. Once you get through that initial shock you are able to get into the story more. Plus, you get an overall better feel for the game.

Finding it a little too scary? Fear not.

If you do however still find yourself a little too on edge, fear not, I have tips. Firstly, play this during the daytime, it’ll stop your imagination from going full-on into overdrive. Secondly, I’d say pop the brightness up on that bad lad. This helps to take away some of that eerie vibe plus makes the gameplay easier. And finally, as I mentioned before, don’t play alone. Have others there and trust me, you’ll have a good giggle. 
The only downside to playing Resident Evil 7 I’ve come across is that the puzzles are a little too easy. Like the clues to solve things are pretty much handed to you on a plate. You don’t have to go hunting too far for things nor do you have to get your head around any riddles. In that sense, I think the game is too easy but I loved and enjoyed all other aspects of the game.
Did you enjoy the seventh instalment in the Japanese horror series? Which character would you replace if you could?
Please note this post contains affiliate links.