Should You Listen To The BTS – Love Yourself: Her Album?

Should You Listen To The BTS - Love Yourself: Her Album?

Who are BTS?

If you’ve read my blog before then you might be aware of my love for Kpop (Korean Pop). I haven’t mentioned my love for Kpop too much but I have briefly chatted about it. Anyway, in my January 2018 favourites I mentioned my love for the BTS – Love Yourself: Her album. If you’ve not heard of BTS or 방탄소년단 (Bangtan Sonyeondan) they’re a boy band made up of seven members. The band debuted back in 2013 but only recently have they become more well known in the West. Each member is individually talented in their own right but as a band, they work incredibly well together.

First up there is RM, formerly known as Rap Monster. RM is the leader of BTS and a rapper. Then there is Jin, the eldest of the group and a vocalist. Next up is Suga, a rapper. There is also J-Hope who is the lead dancer and a rapper. Then we have Jimin who has super sweet vocals. Also in the group is V, another vocalist. And last but not least there is Jungkook, the youngest of the bunch and also a vocalist. Basically, they’re all very handsome young guys who have created a fantastic album that I have loved since it’s release. 

Intro: Serendipity

The first song on Love Yourself: Her is Intro Serendipity. This is a solo track from Jimin, one of my favourite members of the group. Jimin has such a sweet angelic voice and I feel like this song really does show off his vocals. Seriously, when you listen to the song you can’t help but take in Jimin’s vocals, it’s like magic. The song its self is a romantic one with translated lyrics such as “You are my penicillin, you saved me, my angel, my world.” There is a smidgen of English in this song but much like with all Kpop you do not need to be a fluent Korean speaker to enjoy this delicate R&B vibe track.


Next on Love Yourself: Her is DNA. This is one of the most popular songs on the album and it’s not hard to see why. Unlike Serendipity this track features all members. DNA opens with some incredibly catchy whistling and transforms into an upbeat tune with a slight EDM vibe to it. The song contains a little English and I feel like all the member’s vocals gel together nicely. The video is also definitely worth checking out as it features BTS’ amazing choreography and simply stunning visuals.

What is DNA about you ask? It’s an expression of a young love. Translated the chorus reads “From the day the universe was formed, past infinite worlds, probably in our past life and in our next lives, we’ll be together forever, DNA. Because all of this is not coincidence, because we’ve found our destiny, DNA” The song is beautiful and one that you can’t help but bop your head along to and have a bit of a dance around to.

Best Of Me

The third track on Love Yourself: Her is Best Of Me. This song is actually a collaboration with The Chainsmokers who many will know for their hits including Closer (Ft. Halsey), Paris and their collab with Coldplay on Something Just Like This. When I heard that a collaboration was happening I was super excited and the song definitely did not disappoint. Unsurprisingly the track is very dance-like and electronic. It’s got beautiful lyrics such as “You got the best of me, so please just don’t leave me.”

I also would just like to point out that I am a big fan of the rapping in this song. When I first heard the opening of the song I wasn’t sure how a bit of rap would slot in but I think it complements the vocalists really well. However, what I really love about this song is that it sounds both like The Chainsmokers and BTS. I know that sounds very odd but I admire how BTS didn’t lose themselves in the collab. Unfortunately, there is no video for this song but I’ve included a lyric video for anyone who wants to give the song a listen.


The fourth track on Love Yourself: Her is Dimple, also known as Illegal. Dimple contains the vocals of Jimin, Jin, Jungkook and V. It is an incredibly cute and smooth song that has a very slightly kinda synth-pop feel to it. It’s basically about being smitten by a smile. With lyrics such as “That dimple is illegal, no, it’s dangerous, oh yes, so I call you illegirl, our existence alone is a crime.” It is simply adorable. Personally, I adore Dimple and I feel like it is one of the most underrated songs on the album. Unfortunately, there is no video for Dimple but do give the lyric video a watch.

Pied Piper

The fifth track on Love Yourself: Her is Pied Piper. Pied Piper is basically about fan culture and how obsessive fans can be. In the song, BTS isn’t complaining as such but they are giving their fans a little tough love with lyrics like “Stop. Now stop watching and study for your test. Your parents and director hate me. Video clips, pictures, tweets. V app, Bon Voyage. I know, you can’t help what you like. But stop, interpret the music video later.” I think it’s excellent for BTS to address issues through their music and Pied Piper is a great example of that. Again there is no video for this track but do give the lyric video a watch and a listen.


Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech

The next track on the album isn’t a song. It is an audio clip of RM accepting their Billboard Music Award for top Social Artist. BTS winning this award was a huge achievement as they were up against huge western artists like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Understandably the group were incredibly proud of their achievement as it signifies real success in the west and globally so it is very fitting for it to be included on the album. I think many people underestimated BTS and this award really did prove a lot of people wrong. Check out BTS’ full acceptance speech below.


MIC Drop

Following straight on from Skit: Billboard Music Awards Speech is MIC Drop. MIC Drop is a real bad ass song that is bass heavy and really shows off the rapper’s abilities. The song is basically a big FU to all BTS haters and critics and it’s basically BTS saying we don’t care, look at how well we have done for ourselves. With lyrics like “Did you see my bag? Did you see my bag? It’s hella trophies and it’s hella thick. What you think bout that? What you think bout that? I bet it got my haters hella sick.”

The song contains a nice amount of English however, there is a remix version featuring Steve Aoki which is actually incredible and contains more English targeted more at the Western audience. Below is both the original and the Steve Aoki remix for you to make your own mind up. But just a side note, I really do not like remix featuring Desiigner, I’d much rather hear more of BTS, especially the beginning of the song where J-Hope’s opening verse is super epic. Just saying!

Go Go

Next up on Love Yourself: Her is Go Go. According to an interview with Billboard BTS stated that this track is about “How our young generation are living their lives with low expectations and standards so people are upset with reality; they have little hope and there’s so much economic hardship. We wanted to say something about it and emphasise to the world that it’s not their choice, but brutal reality that forces people to live and spend as if there’s no future.”

With lyrics like “Dollar dollar. Squandering it all in one day. Run, run, man I spend it like some party. Dollar dollar. Till the sun shines through this mouse hole. Till the sun comes up.” I think the message of the song is very clear and the message is presented well with a trendy catchy beat. Again, there’s no video for this one but a great live performance featuring some cool dancing and a particular Minion like outfit sported by RM.


Outro: Her

Also on Love Yourself: Her is Outro: Her. This track features the three rappers RM, Suga and J-Hope. I personally interpret this song as one similar to Pied Piper in the sense that it is about the Idol/Fan relationship but I could well be totally wrong. Just the lyrics like “Maybe I’m your truth and your lie. Maybe I’m your love and hate. Maybe I’m your enemy and friend. Your heaven and hell, your pride and embarrassment. I can’t ever take off this mask. Because I’m not the guy you know under this mask” Give me that vibe I guess. Regardless of meaning, the song has a chilled vibe that has a slightly old school hip hop vibe about it with pretty catchy lyrics. Check out the lyric video below.



Also on Love Yourself: Her are two hidden tracks. The first is Sea. Many believe Sea is about accepting life’s hardships when they come at you and just because you go through difficult times, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate life. Some of the lyrics include “I know, I know, my hardship right now. I know, I know, I’ll overcome. I know, I know, open me up. It’s the place I can rely on. Think positive, I’m swallowing my dry spit. Even if I’m nervous, even if I’m in a desert. I’m in the beautiful Namib Desert.” The song has a slightly sad feel to it but it still has a good beat. Check it out below.


Skit: Hesitation and Fear

The second hidden track on Love Yourself: Her is another Skit called Hesitation and Fear. Again, this isn’t a song, it is a piece of audio where the members talk about their Billboard win and success in an open and relaxed manner. There are no bells or whistles, just raw BTS. For die-hard fans are anyone wanting to learn more about BTS  I feel like this is a nice little edition. Check the audio piece out below.

A great album definitely worth checking out whether you understand Korean or you don’t

I absolutely adore the album Love Yourself: Her. I feel like it is very well made and the vocals are certainly on point. Plus it contains so extra audio too which is a nice addition. My favourite songs from the album are definitely Dimple, Pied Piper, MIC Drop (Particularly the Steve Aoki remix, but not the version featuring Desiigner!) Go Go, Serendipity and of course DNA. Basically all of the songs really. I cannot wait for the BTS comeback, especially after seeing the rumours of their new concept. Could the rumours be true? Have they all dyed their hair dark? Who knows! One thing is for certain, while I eagerly await their comeback I shall continue to listen to Love Yourself: Her as well as previous albums. Plus I’m really enjoying J-Hope’s Hixtape. But more on that another day. So to answer the question, should you listen to BTS – Love Yourself: Her? Yes!

Are you a BTS fan?