Beauty Bargain: Super Soft Sigma Brush Dupes For Under £5

Sigma Brush Dupes

Beauty Bargain: Super Soft Sigma Brush Dupes For Under £5

If you read my blog regularly then you’ll know that I love a good beauty bargain. When it comes to bargain makeup brushes I always check out AliExpress. AliExpress is basically a website where you can buy products directly from manufacturers. The majority of the manufacturers are based in China which means that products are super cheap. I’ve bought tonnes of things from the site but makeup brushes are definitely my favourite thing to buy. Not long back I purchased some MAC Eyeshadow Brush Dupes. I also purchased some Real Techniques Bold Metals Dupes and some Sigma Eyeshadow Brush Dupes too. I also recently purchased a 10 piece Sigma brush dupes set (link) for just £4.87.

In the set, you get ten brushes. Five are eyeshadow brushes and the other five are larger face brushes. The brushes share a very similar look to the much more expensive Sigma brushes, however, I’ve not tried any Sigma brushes so I can only base comparisons off appearance.

A decent eyeshadow brush line up

Anyway, as mentioned you get five eyeshadow brushes in the set. First up is the Round Head Eyeshadow Brush. This brush works well when it comes to blending out shadows. The brush is soft, sheds a tiny bit and is slightly dense. Next up is the Bevel Eyeshadow Brush. This is a very fluffy angled brush. The brush is quite large and works well for blending out inner corner colours. In an ideal world, I’d have liked this brush to be slightly smaller.

Then there is the Conical Eyeshadow Brush. This is an extremely dense tapered brush. It can be used for blending out shadows. Again it is quite large in size and I feel that if it was smaller it would work fantastically for blending inner corner highlight colours. Then we have the Flat Bevel Eyeshadow Brush. This is similar to the Bevel Eyeshadow Brush but it is less fluffy and more suitable for blending concealer. And the last eyeshadow brush is the Flat Eyeshadow Brush. This is a very large brush. For me it is too large to use with eyeshadows, however, it works well with face powder. I like to use this brush for setting my undereye concealer as I find it is the perfect size for this.

A strong face brush selection

When it comes to the face brushes, first up is the Round Head Foundation Brush. This is ideal for applying both powder and liquid to the face especially if you want a high coverage finish. The brush is super soft and you can achieve a great blended look with this brush. Next up is the Flat Bevel Foundation Brush. This is an angled brush this works well for blending out blusher and contour colours. It is soft, fluffy and not too dense.

We then have the Flat Bevel Foundation Brush. This is similar to the previous brush mentioned but it has a much denser feel. I particularly like using this tool to apply my contour before using the other brush to blend it out to a natural looking finish. Then there is the Flat Foundation Brush. This brush is a flat top kabuki that can be used to stipple on foundation for a full coverage effect. This is definitely one of my favourites in the collection. And the last brush in the Sigma brush dupes set is the Conical Foundation Brush. This brush is extremely dense and quite difficult to work worth. I do however like using it to apply a strong cheek highlight shade.

A great brush set that works out at less than 50p a brush

In terms of the quality, these brushes are surprisingly good quality. Each brush works out at less than 50p per brush which is honestly a steal. Of course, the brushes aren’t flawless but as a whole I find they’ve very good. In terms of shedding, I’ve only had an issue with one brush. When washed the brushes clean beautifully and also regain their shape well. In terms of their appearance I opted for the white handle and gold ferrule combo which I love but there are various other styles also available. The only downside to the brushes is the fact that shipping took around a month. Having said that the brushes came all the way from China and shipping was free so I can’t complain too much. I highly recommend checking this bargain set out if you are after some new brushes to add to your makeup collection.

Have you tried this Sigma brush dupes set?