Slimming World Friendly Salt and Chilli Chicken Recipe

Slimming World Friendly Salt and Chilli Chicken Recipe

Slimming World Friendly Salt and Chilli Chicken Recipe

A while back I shared my vegetable lasagne recipe which is pretty tasty and Slimming World friendly. In the past, I’ve also shared a sugar-free jelly sweets recipe which is also compatible with the healthy eating plan. However, today I’m sharing an even better recipe, Slimming World Friendly Salt and Chilli Chicken.

One thing I love is a good fakeaway. Not heard of a fakeaway? Essentially instead of ordering a takeaway, you make it yourself at home. Not only are fakeaways a lot healthier, they’re also a lot cheaper too. One of my favourite fakeaways is salt and chilli chicken with Chinese style curry sauce and simple boiled rice. This is essentially a rip off of a salt and chilli chicken dish, or salt and pepper chicken dish as it is also sometimes called. It’s usually a battered or breaded chicken dish with accompanying veg often including peppers and onions.

My version of the dish feeds two hungry tummies and is Slimming World friendly. If you don’t count the syns in the Smash (I don’t) then it works out to be syn free. It’s one of my all time favourite meals and below is how I make my version of the dish at home.



Step 1: Heat your oven

The first thing you want to do is set your oven to heat up. I have a fan oven so I set my oven to 180°C however if you’ve got a regular oven I’d recommend popping it on at 200°C. If you use Fahrenheit set it to 400°F and if you’ve got a gas oven use gas mark 6. While the oven is heating you can get started on your chicken.

Step 2: Prep and cook your chicken

If you’re using regular size chicken breasts from the supermarket I recommend using two. However, I know if you get your chicken breasts from Musclefood they are quite big so I recommend only using one breast, this is what I did. I simple chopped my chicken into nice sized chunks and then I mixed one egg and a tablespoon of soy sauce. I then dipped the chunks into the egg and soy sauce mixture before rolling them in Smash.

Now I know the thought of using Smash might sound odd but trust me, it tastes exactly like breadcrumbs. I also know that some people class using Smash as a “tweak” and therefore say that you should syn it, however, I’ve always been told that if you use Smash as part of a main meal then you don’t have to count the syns. Having said that at the end of the day ultimately it is up to you whether you wish to count the syns or not. Once your chicken is coated, spray an oven tray with a little Fry Light, place the chicken on said tray and bake for around 25-30 minutes until your chicken is golden brown and cooked through.

Step 3: Cook your veggies

Now that your chicken is in the oven you can get started on your veggies. I like to use one chopped onion, a handful of mixed frozen peppers and a handful of bean sprouts. Also into the mix went 3 spring onions that needed to be used up. I simply let the vegetables cook through and sweat them off in the pan until they’re nice and soft. To do this I use a couple of sprays of Fry Light and cover. If the veggies start to stick I throw in a small amount of water.

When the veggies are soft and to my liking, I then add a tablespoon of dried red chilli flakes along with a pinch of salt and continue cooking until the chicken is all cooked. Once the chicken is cooked and out of the oven I then throw it into the frying pan and mix everything together before serving. This dish is great on its own but also works well with a little boiled rice and some Mayflower Curry which is low in syns and identical to Chinese takeaway curry sauce.

Have you ever tried homemade salt and chilli chicken?

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