Slimming World Friendly Veggie Ramen Style Soup Recipe

Slimming World Friendly Veggie Ramen Style Soup Recipe

Slimming World Friendly Veggie Ramen Style Soup Recipe

Last week on my blog I shared my salt & chilli chicken recipe. This week I’m sharing a noodle recipe, specifically my Slimming World friendly veggie ramen style soup recipe. This recipe is perfect if you’re after something filling and warming on a chilly evening or if you are after something really tasty to get you through the day. This dish isn’t super flavourful, it is more of a delicate but delicious dish with a slight kick to it. My recipe makes two really good sized portions and works out at one syn per portion due to the addition of the Sriracha sauce. You can also add in some meat or meat substitute if you wish but I personally find the dish filling enough as it is. Below is my recipe.



Step 1: Cook your rice noodles and egg

For this recipe, you could use proper ramen noodles or any kind of noodles you fancy but I’m really liking rice noodles at the moment. Hence why I used them. To cook these noodles you can simply pour over some boiling water and let them stand for around five to ten minutes before draining ready to add to your dish. Another great addition to the dish is a hard boiled egg. This would also be the ideal time to begin cooking said egg if you did want to add it to your dish.

Step 1: Get your soup base cooking

Add one litre of boiling water to a pan along with a crumbled up vegetable oxo cube, one tablespoon of soy sauce, one tablespoon of Sriracha, one teaspoon of Very Lazy Garlic, one-quarter of a teaspoon of Very Lazy Ginger and three chopped up spring onions. Let the mixture gentle boil for around 10 minutes.

Step 3: Cook your vegetables and put everything together

To a frying pan add cabbage, bean sprouts and grated carrot along with a couple of sprays of Fry Light. Briefly, fry these vegetables before adding to your soup mixture and cooking for a further five minutes. Once complete add in your drained noodles to the mixture, stir and simple dish up into bowls. Remember that boiled egg? Peel off the shell and slice in half before adding to the dish.

Are you a noodle soup fan?

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