Summer In The City Fashion With Lyst

Summer In The City Fashion With Lyst

Recently I collaborated with the lovely people from Lyst to try out the site and put together my own Lyst. Now if you haven’t heard of the website Lyst is jam packed full of gorgeous fashion items from lots and lots of different brands. Not only can you follow your favourite brands but you can also Lyst their items. By popping items into a lyst you are essentially placing them into a wishlist. Above is a Lyst I made which is called Summer In The City. I created this after discovering two gorgeous dresses from Untold Dresses. After taking inspiration from the two pieces I then added items that I thought would go well to create a gorgeous, pretty and floral outfit that is both elegant yet not too formal, making it ideal for wear in the city this Summer. Another great thing about adding items into Lysts is that you also receive stock and sale alerts so if you really want to purchase a piece you’ve spotted on the site, you can easily do so and in some cases save yourself a little money too thanks to the notifications. Lyst is basically a personal shopping experience and perfect for any fashionistas out there.

You might be sat there thinking that the site looks great but you might think that it could be little complicated. Wrong. Seriously, this is one of the easiest and quickest sites to navigate. First you sign up, then you select some of the brands you love and then you simply click “Lyst It” on the items that take your fancy. Then when it comes to maintaining your lists you can add a cover photo and a description. It really is as easy as that. One thing I will say is that it does become quite addictive! I’m already onto my ninth board and I don’t have any plans to stop any time soon. Also, one of my favourite pages on the site is the New For You page. This is a page jam packed full of items that have specifically been targeted at you and your likes. Also on the site is The LongLyst. This is a blog type archive that contains quite a lot of interesting content that is definitely worth checking out. Overall I really like Lyst as it really helps with outfit inspiration and gets you discovering new brands that you have probably never come across before. Oh and one thing definitely worth mentioning is that Lyst isn’t just targeted at women. There is also a men’s section on the site so males can also create their own Lysts. I think this is fantastic as a lot of websites just target women when it comes to fashion and seem to forget that men even exist at times. And my final favourite thing is that everything you see on the website can easily be purchased as all items are linked to online shops where you can proceed to buy your goodies of choice.

Lyst - Fashion Brands In One PlaceLyst - Fashion Brands In One PlaceLyst - Fashion Brands In One Place

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