Super Affordable Benefit High Beam Dupes

Benefit High Beam Dupes

Super Affordable Benefit High Beam Dupes

After trying out the Benefit Sugarlicious Kit which contained a mini Benefit High Beam, I began looking for Benefit High Beam Dupes to see if I could find a product that performed just as well but for a fraction of the price and so far I’ve come across three dupes for the £19.50 product.

Chit Chat Highlighter – £1.00

The first dupe I discovered cost me just £1. The dupe I’m talking about is the Chit Chat Highlighter that I picked up from Poundland. Much like the Benefit product it comes housed in a similar glass bottle complete with a screw off nail polish style brush. I will say that the brush is actually pretty bad and performs very poorly, however, the product isn’t too bad.

In terms of consistency, it is pretty similar to High Beam. Although I think it is a smidgen runnier and I do find it takes longer a lot longer to dry. In terms of the colour Chit Chat’s offering is a lot more pink toned. It’s also slightly paler and the effect is much more toned down. This is definitely a product to opt for if you want a much more natural look and it is also ideal for those with cool-toned complexions.

W7 Night Glow Highlighter and Illuminator – £1.99

The second product to make it into this Benefit High Beam Dupes post cost me £1.99. That product is the W7 Night Glow Highlighter and Illuminator. Now in terms of similarities to High Beam, this is no doubt the most different in terms of the actual shade. This is because the colour appears slightly deeper. Plus it kind of has much more of a pearl effect rather than that shimmer effect. 

However, the consistency isn’t something to turn your nose up at. It has that same texture, it does still take a little longer to dry than High Beam. But it definitely isn’t a problem. The packaging is pretty much the same too. Although the brush is different but nowhere near as poor as the Chit Chat version. So having said all that you might be wondering why on earth Night Glow made it into this Benefit High Beam Dupes post. Well, because when combined with the next product, the colour created is extremely similar to the famous Benefit High Beam shade.

Technic High Lights Complexion Highlighter – £1.99

The last product that I’ve discovered is the Technic High Lights Complexion Highlighter which again cost me £1.99. Again the packaging is similar, the brush is different and yet still works fairly well. The consistency is the closest to Benefit’s product out of the three dupes but the colour isn’t spot on. It’s much less pink toned although it is quite pale but it does have that same shimmer effect. All that being said, I personally find that one of best Benefit High Beam Dupes is actually created by combining two products. Those two products are the Technic High Lights Complexion Highlighter along with the W7 Night Glow Highlighter.

The colour created is that same pink tone shade, it contains just the right amount of shimmer. Although it doesn’t dry as fast on the skin, I think when the two products cost less than £4 together, this is definitely one of the more cost-effective options as opposed to splashing out nearly £20 for the real deal. Having said all that, I do still love my High Beam. I just think if you are on a budget this little combination is a great deal to save you quite a bit of money.

Have you came across any Benefit High Beam Dupes?