Technic Baked Hearts Blusher Review

Technic Baked Hearts Blusher Review

Technic Baked Hearts Blusher ReviewTechnic Baked Hearts Blusher Review Swatches

Technic Baked Hearts Blusher: Too Faced Sweetheart Blush Dupe?

Not long back I tried out the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Blusher in Blushing Heart after hearing that it was a dupe for one the famous but pricey Too Faced Sweetheart Blushes which retail at an eye watering £24.00 each. I soon fell in love with the I Heart Makeup product and the fact that the product set me back just £4.99 made love it even more. Anyway, I was recently browsing the Fragrance Direct website and I discovered the Technic Baked Hearts Blusher for a mere £1.99 (link) It looked super similar to the I Heart Makeup offering but it was obviously even cheaper so I quickly snapped one up and eagerly waited for the product to arrive.

So, when the product arrived I quickly got to using it. The first thing I noticed when I removed the product from the well packed Fragrance Direct mail box, was that in comparison to the I Heart Makeup product the Technic Baked Hearts Blusher has very, very flimsy packaging. This isn’t a huge deal but the cardboard heart is much thinner and the plastic insert that holds the product filled pan can easily fall out which can be a little annoying. Because of this I don’t like to carry this around in my makeup bag as I fear that the slightest knock could damage the powder blush. Anyway, in terms of the colour you get three stripes of pink colour ranging from a really light coloured baby pink, to a beautiful rosy toned pink and finally to a much deeper more vibrant fuchsia shade of pink. The three shades can be used individually or mixed together. My favourite way to use the blush is by swirling my brush around so I get a combination of all three shades, but that’s just my preference.

Now what I will say is that the Technic Baked Hearts Blusher isn’t amazingly pigmented. When I tried the I Heart Makeup Hearts Blusher I found this was also the case but with the Technic product, I just feel like this lacks a little more. Now I’m not saying the product is terrible and the colour isn’t detectable, you can certainly build it up, it just takes a little getting use to. On the plus side, the heart-shaped blush surprisingly has a really good formula in the sense that it feels quite silky and has very minimal fall out, not bad for a product that cost less than £2. As for the actual look of the colour, even when the three shades are combined the colour is a very pale, but beautiful nevertheless, cool toned pink. It works really well on me and gives my pale complexion a lovely hint of colour to achieve that healthy flush of colour look but I think those with medium to dark skin might find this more of a highlighter rather than a blush, unless you really build the colour up of course.

All in all I think for the price it isn’t bad. I would have liked it if the packaging was a bit better to ensure that the product is more secure and I would have really been over the moon if the blush had brilliant pigmentation but for something so cheap, it is still what I would consider a good product. One thing I will say is that currently Technic only appear have one shade of Hearts Blusher available and that is the one that I have. I think in the future it would be awesome if Technic released some other shades so there is more variety and choice.

Have you tried this cheap and cheerful blusher? What did you think of it?