Technic Baked Hearts Bronzer Review

Technic Baked Hearts Bronzer ReviewTechnic Baked Hearts Bronzer ReviewTechnic Baked Hearts Bronzer Review Swatches

Technic Baked Hearts Bronzer Review

A little while back I reviewed the Technic Baked Hearts Blusher and although I wouldn’t consider it to be an amazing product, I thought it was good for the price. Since writing that review I’ve now tried out the Technic Baked Hearts Bronzer. This product is obviously very similar however, instead of featuring pretty pink blusher colours, it consists of three bronze shades. Sadly this product is not available to purchase from Fragrance Direct anymore which is where I purchased the product from for a mere £1.99. It is however available to purchase on the Amazon website (link) for £6.99 which is significantly more expensive but one of the few places online that seems to stock this product at the moment.

The first thing that I noticed when the product arrived was the poor packaging. Unfortunately the cardboard heart design isn’t very sturdy and the plastic inner insider of the packaging which houses the bronzer pan isn’t well secured as it often falls out. Because of this I find that you have to be quite careful when handling the bronzer as the packaging doesn’t do the best job at keeping it safe and secure. In terms of the actual design it is quite pretty and identical to the Too Faced Sweethearts products design as well as the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts design. The only problem is, the packaging doesn’t seem to have been assembled properly, or at least to a good standard. Having said that I do have to keep in mind that I only payed £1.99 for the Technic Baked Hearts Bronzer but if I had paid £6.99 (the Amazon price tag) I think I would have been more disappointed especially when brands like Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup seem to produce affordable makeup products and their packaging always seems to be top notch.

As for the actual product, it isn’t too bad. In terms of the pigmentation it is definitely better than the Technic Baked Hearts Blusher but it still isn’t amazing. I find swirling a decent brush into the product and applying onto the cheeks gives a wash of colour but I think many people would feel like they’d want to build this up to get the best application. Personally I actually like the subtle wash of colour it gives as this works with my skin tone. When I’ve built the colour up to a more noticeable shade I’ve found it has appeared far too orange looking on me. Because of this reason I like to blend out the Technic Baked Hearts Bronzer just so it gives a nice subtle healthy glow. It’s also worth mentioning that the three bronze shades all contain shimmer so personally I wouldn’t recommend this for say contouring, I definitely think this is more of a product for adding colour and glow, I find it particularly good for use on the decolletage area. In terms of the wear time I’m not going to lie, it doesn’t last amazingly well on the skin but you can get around 3-4 hours of solid wear out of it.

Would I repurchase the Technic Baked Hearts Bronzer? I’m afraid I would not. I feel like there are much better affordable Too Faced Sweethearts dupes available on the market that out perform this baked powder bronzer. I’d also just like to say that just because this particular Technic product isn’t the best, it doesn’t mean that all of the brand’s products are rubbish. I see a lot of people dismissing Technic after trying one or two of their poorer products and writing off the whole budget beauty brand. If you’d like to try some great performing items from the company I highly recommend checking out the Technic Colour Max Lipsticks, the Technic Juicy Stick Lip Glosses, the Technic Colour Fix Powder Palette and the Technic Colour Max Lip Glosses.


Have you tried the Technic Baked Hearts Bronzer? What did you think of it?