Technic Brow Gel in Medium

Technic Brow Gel in Medium

Technic Brow Gel in Medium Wand

Affordable Brows: Technic Brow Gel in Medium Review

Not long back I placed a Fragrance Direct order. In that order I purchased quite a few Technic Makeup products. I purchased the Technic Colourmax Lipsticks, the Technic Colour Fix Powder Palette and the Technic Colourmax Lipglosses, as well as other items. Another product I picked up was the Technic Brow Gel in the shade Medium. Unfortunately, the product is no longer available from Fragrance Direct however, the affordable tinted brow gel can still be purchased from Amazon.

A cheap alternative to Benefit Gimme Brow?

The Technic Brow Gel is a product that both sets the brows and adds definition. When I purchased the gel I wasn’t expecting much at all. However, it has left me feeling pleasantly surprised. First of all the product comes housed in a mascara-style tube with a small wand made up of synthetic fibres. At first glance, the gel reminds me a lot of Benefit Gimme Brow but as I’ve not tried that product I cannot really compare the two. In terms of the formula, it’s a little on the wet side but still fairly easy to work with. For the application, I found it took me a couple of attempts to get my desired brow look. I think this was just down to not being used to the brush. Soon enough I seemed to master the method.

In terms of the colour of the gel, I chose the colour Medium and it was a lot darker than I expected. Normally with brow products, I opt for quite dark shades but to be honest I found Medium to be ideal. One thing worth noting is that Medium is a deep chocolate-brown like colour. Do be aware that the colour is very warm toned and that definitely shows up on the brows. For many, this would be a plus. However, I personally would have liked it more if it was a smidgen cooler. In terms of the definition it adds, it is surprising. I was expecting a very natural, slightly defined look with a smidgen of colour but this actually gives quite bold colour pay off. It’s particularly ideal if you’ve got sparse brows as the strokes created by the brush mimic hairs giving an overall fuller look.

Alright for the price

For longevity I find my brows stay looking pretty good almost all throughout the day. The product can begin to feel a bit stiff and drying when the day goes on. It can also flake a little but when you take into consideration the price, it really is not bad. Like previously stated I would have preferred the product if the shade had been a little bit cooler-toned, However, for a budget-friendly product, it isn’t bad.

Have you tried the Technic Brow Gel? What did you think of it?