Technic Colour Fix Concealer Review

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Beauty Bargain: Technic Colour Fix Concealer Review

If you’ve read my blog before then you’ll already know that I am a fan of Technic Cosmetics. Technic Cosmetics are kind of similar to W7 Cosmetics in the sense that they produce very affordable makeup products. They’re a brand that I feel is very overlooked and definitely deserve more love. Recently I’ve tried quite a few products from the brand including the Technic Contour Stix. I’ve also tried the Technic Brow Gel, Technic Colour Fix Powder Palette and the Technic Colour Max Lipsticks. The majority of the products I’ve tried have been surprisingly successful so I was eager to try out the Technic Colour Fix Concealer in the shade Light. Now I’m not going to lie, I really was not expecting much for this 75p concealer but at that price, I had to try it. The Technic light to medium coverage concealer is definitely worth checking out.

Usually when it comes to high street complexion products I really struggle to find a colour match. However, I’ve found over the last year or two brands really seem to be expanding their colour range. As someone with a cool and pale complexion, I find often the lightest shade is either too dark or too orange. Recently though I’ve found more and more products suitable for my skin tone. The Technic Colour Fix Concealer in Light is a really great match for my skin tone. The colour is light enough for me but it also has a slightly brightening tone to it. Because of its brightening tone, it works perfectly as an undereye concealer.

For 75p this concealer is a true bargain

In terms of the coverage that it provides the skin with the concealer isn’t full coverage. Instead, it is what I’d consider being light to medium coverage. When it comes to covering blemishes this simply does not work as it is much more of a brightening undereye concealer. When it comes to the consistency it isn’t thick but at the same time, it isn’t runny. It applies really well with its doe foot applicator and blends beautifully into the skin. My favourite way to apply is with my trusty Beauty Blender. The finished look is extremely natural looking but it definitely adds something to the skin. Another thing I love is the finish. The concealer doesn’t require any setting with powder but it doesn’t look dry on the skin. For 75p this is an extremely great product for the price and definitely worth checking out. If this just isn’t for you, fear not. If you are after a concealer that provides higher coverage, definitely check out Veil Cover Cream.

Have you tried the Technic Colour Fix Concealer?