Technic Colour Fix Cream Contour Palette Review

Technic Colour Fix Cream Contour Palette ReviewTechnic Colour Fix Cream Contour Palette SwatchesTechnic Colour Fix Cream Contour Palette Swatches

Technic Colour Fix Cream Contour Palette Review

Over the past few months, I’ve mentioned quite a few Technic products on my blog. Recently I’ve talked about the Technic Colour Fix Concealer and the Technic Contour Stix. Both products made it into my August 2016 favourites but another product I’ve been enjoying has been the Technic Colour Fix Cream Contour Palette. This product is a palette that contains eight concealer like creams. The creams can be used to highlight and contour the face with the help of a simple brush or sponge. The Technic cream concealer palette is available from the Fragrance Direct website and retails at just £2.99.

As previously mentioned the palette contains eight shades. These shades range from being very pale to a slightly dark brown shade. Because of this, I find that this palette is great for both light and medium skin but I think the shades might be too light for darker toned skin. In terms of the consistency, they’re a little on the waxy side but blend out fairly well. The only real issues I’ve had with the shades is the fact that they can accentuate dry patches and settle in any fine lines but for the price, this really isn’t a bad palette.

In terms of the coverage, these provide the skin with good colour pay off. Not quite as good as my favourite Veil Cover Cream that I mentioned in my how to effectively bake your makeup post but good nevertheless. I’d probably compare the coverage to the Makeup Revolution Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette in Light. Or even the Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette. The texture is creamy, a little waxy, lightweight and provides the skin with what I’d consider to be medium coverage. Because of this the palette definitely doubles up as a standard concealer.

A concealer and contour palette for just under £3

In terms of the contour effect that this gives the skin I did struggle a little as all the shades are really quite warm toned. However, I was able to blend each shade well enough to give a natural but defined look. For highlight shades, I found only really one colour worked for me. The shade is a very pale, almost white colour that worked well for brightening. But in all honesty, I’d prefer to use another shade out of my collection for highlighting. All in all, I must say this isn’t a bad palette for under £3. If you’re after easy to blend creams, medium coverage and you are on a budget, look no further. Obviously, the creams do have their flaws and there are better creams on the market. However, at this price point, they are great.

Have you tried the Technic Colour Fix Cream Contour Palette?