The 12 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set That Cost Me Just £3.00

The 12 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set That Cost Me Just £3.00

The 12 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set That Cost Me Just £3.00

If there’s one thing I like to save money on it is makeup brushes. I buy a lot of my brushes from AliExpress and to be honest they’ve always been perfect quality. Because many of the brushes come direct from the manufacturers it means that prices are super low. However, most manufacturers are in China which means that the brushes can take a little while to arrive. Personally, this isn’t something that bothers me but I know some people find this frustrating. Some of my favourite AliExpress brush finds include the super soft Sigma brush dupes and the MAC eyeshadow brush dupes. I recently picked up the 12 piece eyeshadow brush set which set me back just £3.00 including delivery. I actually even mentioned these brushes recently in my November 2016 favourites.

In the set, I received twelve eyeshadow brushes including blending brushes, brushes to pack on colour, an eyeliner brush and even an angled brush. The brushes consist of a black wooden handle, a gold coloured aluminium ferrule and synthetic soft hairs. Some brushes in the set have brown coloured hairs, some have white coloured hairs, whilst others are a white and black mix. Each brush is silky soft and work well with my eyeshadows.

Shorter than normal brushes but not mini sized

The only thing I will say is that these brushes are a little shorter than other brushes. However, they’re not mini size, they’re sort of somewhere in between. When it comes to washing I’ve found they all regain their shape really well but some of the white brushes are a little difficult to clean. I mean this in the sense that they tend to stain. Whilst, not a major issue this is something to keep in mind if you like your brushes to be kept in tip top condition.

My favourite brushes in the set include the angled liner brush which is perfect for applying brow powder and product to the lash liner. I also love the largest fluffy white blending brush as this just works the colour together wonderfully for a really natural look. And lastly, I am a big fan of the precision eyeshadow brush as it is ideal for really packing on great lid colour. As a whole I pretty much like all the brushes in the set. The only brush that I’ve been disappointed with is the precision eyeliner brush. This is a thin white brush. However, the hairs are a bit too thick and not dense. This means that I find it useless for it’s intended purpose. I’ve also tried using this brush for applying lip products but I find it gives a really messy finish.

Affordable brushes that get the job done

All in all, I’ve got to say for £3.00 (or 25p per brush) this set is a great little steal. The quality is perfect and the brushes have a simple yet sleek and pleasing on the eye design. They’re not super cute or extremely pretty compared to the likes of Real Techniques or Zoeva’s rose gold offerings. But they’re fuss-free and get the job done.

Have you tried the 12 piece professional makeup brush set?