The Best At Home Coffee? Nescafe Gold Frothy Coffee

The Best At Home Coffee? Nescafe Gold Frothy Coffee - Nescafe Gold White Choc Mocha and Nescafe Gold Double Choc Mocha

The Best At Home Coffee? Nescafe Gold Frothy Coffee

For my entire life, I’ve never really liked coffee. However, that all changed earlier this year. Suddenly I seem to really enjoy coffee. Isn’t it strange how our taste changes over time? Since discovering my new found enjoyment of drinking coffee, I’ve been on a mission to try some new brands and varieties. During my weekly shop, I discovered these amazing little Nescafe Gold frothy coffee sachets. Now let me tell you, I am obsessed with these. So much so that they even made it into my June 2017 favourites. Anyway, these frothy coffees aren’t your typical types of coffee, they’re more like a coffee hot chocolate hybrid. But let me tell you, they are utterly scrumptious.

There seems to be a lot of flavours available in the Nescafe Gold Frothy Coffee range. However, so far I’ve only tried out two of the flavours. I’ve tried out Nescafe Gold White Choc Mocha and Nescafe Gold Double Choc Mocha.

Two delicious flavoured coffees

The White Choc Mocha is quite frankly addictive. It a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee with white chocolate. Now I’ve tried a fair few white chocolate hot chocolate before and to be honest, I always find them too sickly and sweet. However, the White Choc Mocha is not like that at all. It is creamy and tasty but not overly rich which I like. In terms of calories, each sachet made up works out at 81 calories.

Out of the two flavours, White Choc Mocha is definitely my favourite. However, the flavour is sadly limited edition. I have managed to stock up on quite a few boxes but I’m not entirely sure how long the flavour is actually available for. So if you are thinking of trying this flavour, do so rather than later. Oh and if Nescafe does happen to read this, please make White Choc Mocha a permanent flavour!

As for the Double Choc Mocha, it is a combination of drinking chocolate, coffee, skimmed milk powder and sugar. Compared to the White Choc Mocha, this flavour is less creamy and has a more intense coffee taste to it. Again it isn’t sickly but it is very tasty indeed. As for calories, a cup of Double Choc Mocha comes to 93 calories, so a little higher than White Choc Mocha but not by much. 

Delicious coffee that is quick and easy to make

When it comes to making the actual coffees you simply pour 200ml of hot water (not boiling) and you stir for 20 seconds. It really is that simple. In the end, you’re left with a delicious, creamy and frothy cup of chocolate coffee. As for the price, the boxes seem to change price all the time! Some weeks they’re £1.50, other weeks they’re £3.00. In each box, you get eight sachets so they’re not extremely affordable but at the same time, they aren’t super expensive. Plus if you think about it, they’re a lot cheaper than going to the like of Starbucks and Costa. All in all, I’ve got to say, I really love these coffees. Plus I am looking forward to trying some of the other flavours in the range like the Coconut Latte and Irish Latte.

Have you tried any of the Nescafe Gold Frothy Coffees?

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