The Best Brush For Contouring? W7 Face Blender Brush

W7 Face Blender BrushW7 Face Blender Brush

The Best Brush For Contouring? W7 Face Blender Brush

A few weeks back I ordered the W7 Face Blender Brush. Before actually purchasing this brush I’d been eyeing it up for quite a while. I thought it looked like the perfect brush for applying bronzer to achieve that perfect contoured look. Recently I’ve been laying off the contouring and opting for a much simpler and natural look. Having said that over the last week and a half or so I’m back into my contouring so I have had the perfect opportunity to put the brush to the test.

An Illamasqua Blush Up Brush dupe?

Now if you’ve seen the Illamasqua Blush Up Brush you may notice a slight similarity to this brush and you’d be right in thinking so as although the more expensive brush is a significantly different shape, some have labelled the W7 Brush as being a dupe. Personally, I’ve not tried the Illamasqua offering however I would recommend maybe buying the cheap contouring brush if you do wish to try the Blush Up Brush but perhaps you want to perhaps save yourself a little bit of cash or if you are on a tight budget, who knows, the brush might surprise you.

Anyway, as you can see the brush consists of a quite wide black metal ferrule. The ferrule contains black coloured densely packed hairs that are quite short in length. Now I’m not entirely sure whether the hairs are synthetic or from some form of animal. However, at a guess, I’d say they’re synthetic. One thing I can be sure of is that this brush is super duper soft and is a tool that has become a favourite of mine. The reason I love it so much is mainly because of the shape. I find because of the design and the shape of the hairs, I’m able to position the brush perfectly under my cheekbones, thus allowing me to apply the product in the perfect position and to create a perfect contoured look.

A very affordable brush

Another thing I like about the brush is even though it is quite cheap in terms of price (I paid just £3.75 but the price seems to go up and down) it actually feels as though it is good quality. It sits nicely in my hand when applying and it has a strong and sturdy handle. In terms of the quality after washing, I’ve found it to be great. To wash the brush I use a pea size amount of baby shampoo. I massage it into the hairs being very careful to avoid the ferrule. I then swirl the brush in a bowl of lukewarm water. Then I rinse the tool under a running tap until the water runs clear.

And finally, I then place the brush on a towel and I leave it to dry overnight. Since receiving the brush I’ve washed the brush twice in total and each time I’ve found the brush to regain it’s shape very well plus, I’ve experienced very, very minimal shedding which is always a big plus, especially for a cheaper branded tool.

All in all, I really like this brush. I find it is absolutely ideal for applying contouring products, both powder and cream formulations. I love the shape, the design and even the way it washes. For less than £4, I’d highly recommend this to anyone in need of a great contour applicator. If you’re after other W7 products to try, I highly recommend the W7 Argan Eyes Mascara. I also recommend the W7 The Naughty Nine Palette in Midsummer Nights. In terms of other affordable brushes, I really recommend checking out the Sigma Brush Dupes.


Have you tried the W7 Face Blender Brush?