The Most Beautiful Affordable Mermaid Makeup Brushes

The Most Beautiful Affordable Mermaid Makeup BrushesThe Most Beautiful Affordable Mermaid Makeup Brushes

The Most Beautiful Affordable Mermaid Makeup Brushes

Something I am obsessed with is cheap makeup brushes. I’ve mentioned a fair few affordable makeup brushes here on my blog over the years. Take the Rose Gold Oval BrushesSigma Makeup Brush Dupes, MAC Eye Brush Dupes and the Cheap Pro Makeup Brushes for example. However, I don’t think any are quite as pretty as the mermaid makeup brushes that my other half Marc bought me for my birthday. These brushes feature the most beautiful handles I have ever laid eyes on. If rainbow gradient is your thing, you need to get your hands on these mermaid makeup brushes.

Not only are the handles multi coloured ombre, they also feature a fish like tail to really give them that mermaid feel. Now quite often with pretty makeup brushes, they may look good but the quality is poor. That is not the case with this brush set. The brushes are super soft and work nicely with my favourite powder products. The only thing I will say is that they did shed a little at first. However, once I washed the brushes this is no longer a problem. As you can see from the image above the brush hairs are a purple and white mix. I like the colour combination and so far I’ve not experienced any staining which is always a positive.

Two of the same brush?

In terms of the actual brushes that you get, the set contains seven pieces. There are four face brushes and three eye brushes. In terms of the face brushes there, I received two pretty identical large powder brushes. I don’t know whether my eyes are playing tricks on me or if it was a mistake. However, both brushes apply powder nicely although they aren’t very dense. You certainly couldn’t use either brush for foundation application but then again I’d use my Beautyblender anyway.

As for the other face brushes you get a small pointed brush which is excellent for applying blush and not bad for applying highlighter either. There is also a smaller brush that is more of a square shape. This works well for contouring and blending the contour out to a natural finish. As for the three eyeshadow brushes you get an angled brush, a blending brush and a large flat eyeshadow brush.

The angled brush is pretty large and the hairs aren’t cut that well so it isn’t that great for precisely applying eyeliner. However, it isn’t too bad at applying colour to the outer eye corner. As for the blending brush, it is great. For me, it is the perfect size and blends my eyeshadow out to a lovely natural finish. As for the large flat eyeshadow brush is really is large but works effectively for packing on colour to the lid. It also comes in handy for applying powder to the under eye area when baking my concealer.

Seven brushes for less than £6

So I bet you’re wondering how much this brush set costs. Well as always with eBay the prices seem to change all the time. However, at the time of writing this post the unique brush set will set you back just £5.95. Yes that’s right, less than £6. Of course the brushes aren’t super high quality but they get the job done, they’re not bad and they make a great stocking fill type gift. I for one love these brushes and would most definitely recommend them. Oh and for those wondering, the brushes are not made from animal hair. They are made from synthetic fibres which I believe to be a great thing.

Have you tried these pretty mermaid makeup brushes?

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