Yankee Candle Dupe? Village Candle Powder Fresh

Village Candle Powder Fresh

Yankee Candle Dupe? Village Candle Powder Fresh

It’s been a while since I posted a candle review here on Raspberrykiss so I thought it was about time that I shared my thoughts on the Village Candle Powder Fresh large candle which I received way back in December as a Christmas present from Marc along with the Fresh Strawberries Village Candle. Now in terms of appearance the Village Candle Powder Fresh large candle looks pretty darn similar to the large Yankee Candles that are on the market. The jar shape is practically the same and even the label font and image are identical. However, the candle does ever so slightly differ from the famous brands offering. For starters, the Village Candle version is slight cheaper in price. For instance, on the Temptation Gifts website the Village Candle Powder Fresh large candle normally retails at £17.99 (link) whereas the similar Yankee product normally retails at £21.99, on the same website. Another clear difference is the fact that Village Candles contains two wicks whereas Yankee Candles only contain one wick. But how do the candles compare in terms of fragrance and burn time?

Well Village Candle have definitely put together a good rival for the slightly pricier candle that’s for sure. As I’ve tried both Powder Fresh and Yankee’s rival scent, Baby Powder, I feel like I can give my in-depth thoughts on the two. Firstly the one thing I really enjoy about the Village Candle is the double wick design. I feel like by having two wicks you get a much more even burn without the burn time being affected. I’m hoping in the future more companies will opt for multiple wicks as I can really see the benefit of them. Anyway, for burn time the Village Candle claims to give 170 hours of burn time. A big claim? I think so. Is it true? Honestly I haven’t been counting the hours but it does last pretty well, so well that I’d even go as far as saying it is on par with Yankee’s burn time, not bad for a cheaper imitation product.

So the candle design is similar to it’s more expensive competitor, it gives a more even burn and the burn time is on par, so would I recommend opting for the cheaper version instead of the much raved about version? Not exactly. One thing that I find Yankee Candle has above all other cheaper alternatives is of course their fragrance blends. Village Candle Powder Fresh gives quite a strong scent throw that can easily fill a room which I found was also the case when I used Baby Powder. The Village Candle scent is very much baby powder like but it is incredibly synthetic scented and on the verge of being pungent and sickly due to being so strong. With Yankee’s Baby Powder I feel like the scent is more delicate, authentic, calming and pleasant. I think with Village Candles it is one of those candle brands that isn’t for everyone. I love that the specific candle I own is a cheaper alternative to a big home fragrance brand, I love the double wick and I was even impressed with the burn time but I feel like despite saving money, I’d rather spend a little more cash to get a more satisfying scent. I know many people might think that sounds really silly but the difference in scent quality between the two for me is the ultimate deal breaker. I’m not saying Village Candle sucks, I’m just saying I personally prefer the Yankee Candle Baby Powder candle, purely based on the scent.

Have you tried any Village Candles? What did you think?