Village Candle VS Yankee Candle

Village Candle VS Yankee Candle

When it comes to candles I’ve always been very loyal to Yankee Candle products as I find they are by far the best performing on the market and their scent range is amazing. The only thing that I find off-putting is their prices as they aren’t the cheapest but then again, I don’t mind paying that bit extra for quality. Anyway, for Christmas I received two large candles from a company called Village Candle. Surprisingly I’d never actually heard of them before but just from the look of the packaging, they are very, very identical to Yankee Candle products, I mean look at the logo and sticker design! After doing a bit of digging I discovered that Village Candle are said to be a leading US manufacturer of handcrafted premium fragranced candles. They’re based in Wells, Maine and are said to be a multi-million dollar turnover business with thousands of customers. They’re also said to have been around for almost 20 years so I was certainly surprised not to have heard of them.

So how do they compare and differ from good old Yankee Candles? Well firstly they retail at only £15.19 on the Candles Direct website whereas your typical Yankee Candle retails at £21.99, although I never pay this price as I always shop around online to get the best deals. Another thing that differs between the two is the amount of wax in each one. Large Village Candles contain 26oz of wax whereas large Yankee Candles contains 22oz of wax, although just from looking at the two, they look pretty much the same. In terms of burn time the Village Candle is said to burn for 170 hours whereas Yankee’s offering is said to burn for 110-150 hours. The final obvious difference between the two is the wicks. Yankee Candles only contain one wick whereas Village Candles contain two. The reason for this? Well by having two wicks its said to create a cleaner burn, generates less soot and so that there is very little left in the bottom of the jar when finished, thus giving you more for you money. Personally the big difference I have noticed from the dual wick is that the candle just burns more evenly which in turn helps with scent distribution. When I first spotted the two wicks I assumed this would mean that the candle would burn quicker but that definitely is not the case.

Sound good so far? Well I think for the money Village Candles are actually really great but there is one difference from Yankee Candle which lets the candles down. With Yankee Candles I always find their scents to be quite authentic, well as authentic as you can get when it comes to creating a candle that is. With the Village Candles although I find the scents to be powerful with good scent throw, I just find their scents are much more synthetic smelling. Now I’m not saying that they’re terrible or unpleasant, I’m just saying that they can appear to have more of those “fake” scents whereas in my opinion, the Yankee Candle fragrances and blends just seem to be of higher quality. Please do bear in mind that I so far have tried two of the Village Candle fragrances, Fresh Strawberries and Powder Fresh so this might not exactly be the case with each and every scent, but this has been what I’ve found from the two scents I’ve tried.

In conclusion I think Village Candles are definitely better value for money but Yankee Candles do produce better fragrances. Does that justify paying more for a Yankee Candle where you get less value for money? I think that is entirely down to your needs, wants and of course your budget. Personally I still love Yankee Candle but I also want to explore more of the Village Candle scents to see what they’re all about.

Which candle company do you prefer?