W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases

W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases in White Pearl and Natural

W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases in White Pearl and Natural

W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases in White Pearl and Natural Swatches

W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases

For a little while, I’ve been using the Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base. Although I really enjoy the product, I really wanted to give the W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases a try. I purchased these W7 small pots of eyeshadow primer on the Fragrance Direct website for just £1.49. Ideally I wanted to get my hands on the shade White but unfortunately, it was not available. I did, however, manage to pick up the shades White Pearl and Natural.

W7 Eye Shadow Base in White Pearl

The first shade I purchased was White Pearl. This is a shimmery white colour that contains lots of micro shimmers. The base has a very soft texture that is very creamy and easy to blend on the lids. Personally, I’d say this is a shade to use to brighten and lighten the eye area and eyeshadows. I like to use this colour with both darker eyeshadows and pale shades. With pale shadows, this shade really helps to intensify the pigmentation and helps the colour to show up more. With darker shadows, it gives the colours depth and a more rich effect. With matte shadows, I find this doesn’t really alter the look but it does slightly improve pigmentation. With shimmer shadows, it gives sort of a foil effect.

In terms of the wear time, it isn’t as good as other primers I’ve tried. I find I can get around six hours of solid wear with this. I suspect this is because the texture is a little too creamy. I find this primer is something I’ve been reaching for fairly regularly. Do I love it as much as the Nicka K White Eyeshadow Base? Not quite as I find that product really does make my eyeshadows pop and last longer plus I just like the effect it gives more. But for £1.49 White Pearl certainly isn’t bad.

W7 Eye Shadow Base in Natural

The second shade I purchased was Natural. This colour is very orange toned and a lot darker than I expected it to be. Personally, I don’t find this shade works for me but those with medium to dark skin tones would probably have more success. This shade is very different from White Pearl. Natural contains no shimmery and it doesn’t have that creamy soft texture. Instead Natural feels a lot more solid and a little waxy. Surprisingly this lasts a longer than White Pearl. I found when I tested the colour I got at least an extra couple of hours wear out of my eyeshadow.

In terms of its ability to brighten and intensify the shadows, it doesn’t really do too much. Of course, matte shadows appear a little more intense with Natural underneath but it is nothing spectacular. The one thing I have noticed is that this base does seem to give shadows more of a warm tone. This isn’t too bad when it comes to browns and darker shades but with highlight colours and light shades it can make them look a bit orange and “off colour.” In comparison to White Pearl I definitely think this is more of a shade to prolong wear time as opposed to improving the look of the eyeshadows. Unfortunately, this shade just is not for me. It is too dark for my skin tone and it can sometimes appear through eyeshadows giving me an unwell look.

Would I buy these primers again?

Would I repurchase the W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases again? I think I’d possibly consider buying a backup of the White Pearl shade but I’d stay clear of Natural in future. I’m really hoping to get my hands on the colour White sometime soon to see if it is a cheaper alternative to the Nicka K version. The only problem is that it seems to always be out of stock where ever I look. I’m guessing this is because it is a great product. Fingers crossed I can get myself a pot. If I do manage to get hold of one I’ll be sure to share my thoughts here on Raspberrykiss. If you do have any primer recommendations I’d be very grateful to hear about them. I’m currently on the look out for other versions to try.

If you’re thinking of purchasing other products from W7 there are a couple of products I highly recommend. The first is the W7 Argan Eyes Mascara and the second is the W7 MAC eyeshadow palette dupe.

Have you tried the W7 Get Set Eye Shadow Bases? What did you think of them?