W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow Review

W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow ReviewW7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow ReviewW7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow Review Swatches

W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow Review

One product that has been getting lots of love from me in recent months has been the W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow. I love this product so much that it made it into both my November 2016 favourites and December 2016 favourites. Not heard of the product? Well, it is said to be a dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Bronze and Glow. As I’ve not tried the pricey product I cannot do a comparison post but I thought I would share my review on the affordable W7 product.

A lightly pigmented warm toned bronzer

This product is essentially a bronze and highlight duo. The bronzer is a warm toned brown shade that provides the skin with a beautiful sheen but isn’t full of glitter or shimmer. This means that it can be used for contouring. In terms of the pigmentation, it isn’t super pigmented at all. In fact, I’d consider it to be very lightly pigmented. Whilst many would class this a negative, I like this trait when it comes to this particular product. Because of its light pigmentation, I am able to avoid a muddy look as I am able to build the product up naturally on my skin.

A very natural highlighter

When it comes to the highlighter this is a warm-toned peach shade. Again, it isn’t strongly pigmented but this means you can achieve a really natural look. As someone who has quite a cool toned complexion, I wasn’t expecting this highlighter to work for me. However, it is super natural. If you’re after a really strong beaming highlight, this is not going to impress you. However, if you’re after something for a natural laid back look, I think you’ll enjoy this. It just adds a slight brightness to the skin which I really like.

In terms of the texture of each powder product in the W7 Bronze and Glow duo, they’re both a little on the powdery side. They’re not extremely powdery like some of the more affordable makeup products on the market but I thought this was definitely something worth mentioning. As for their blending ability, they blend fairly well so I definitely do not have any issues with that.

Overall I’ve got to say, I really enjoy this little duo. As someone with quite a pale complexion, I often struggle to find bronzers that are suitable for my skin, especially when I want to achieve a soft contour. This product ticks that box for me and is something I will carry on reaching for on a daily basis.

Have you tried the W7 Hollywood Bronze and Glow duo?


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