W7 Photo Shoot Foundation Review

W7 Photo Shoot Foundation Review

W7 Photo Shoot Foundation Review

It isn’t often that I try out a new foundation. Not because I don’t want to have a wider range of bases to choose from but because the majority of the foundations available on the British high street are too dark or warm for my skin tone. One foundation that I have recently been trying out has been the W7 Photo Shoot Foundation. I purchased this product in the shade Buff which I believe is the lightest in the range, although I could well be wrong as there seems to be a slight lack of information online, so I’m not 110% sure.

Anyway, the shade Buff certainly is a light shade. For me personally, I would have loved it to have been a little lighter as it is a teeny bit dark for me but its nothing a bit of white foundation can’t fix. The one thing that I cannot however fix is the yellow tone that the foundation has. In a perfect world I’d have loved this to be pink toned but hey ho you can’t have everything. Although it doesn’t blend amazingly well with my skin tone, it is actually quite brightening and makes my skin look much more awake and gives it an ever slight plumped up illusion.

A Revlon Colorstay Dupe?

In terms of the texture, this foundation seriously reminds me of a much-loved foundation of mine, Revlon Colorstay. It has the medium to buildable full coverage, it has the same annoying to pour out texture, heck even the packaging is identical. Now from experience I’ve noticed that W7 are known to produce a lot of copycat products so who knows, maybe this was actually made with the intention of it being a dupe for the Revlon product? If so I’ve got to say, they’ve done a good job. In terms of the wear time, W7 claim that this foundation is said to last 16 hours on the skin and it also claims to be budge proof.

Not a foundation for the warmer weather

Honestly? Although this foundation lasts well on me (Around 6 hours without showing any signs of wear) I wouldn’t say it is budge proof. I have worn this on some of the warmer days we’ve been experiencing. Much like you’d expect with a medium to full coverage foundation, it doesn’t combine too well with heat. Bearing in mind that the foundation does have a slightly dewy finish. When you are out and about in the lovely sunshine you do start to notice shine coming through. It also does transfer when you touch your face, much like the case with 99% of foundation out there.

By applying a layer of powder to set your foundation this does slightly improve the lasting power. This also keeps shine at bay for longer but I wouldn’t say it is budge proof. However, for the price (I paid literally £2.20 for my bottle) I think it is a really, really good product and a great alternative to Colorstay. Especially if you are looking to save yourself a few pounds. Having said that, do be aware that the colour range is a lot more limited. I really hope W7 expand their shade range in the future as I’d love to find a colour more suitable for my complexion. Want to get your hands on a bottle? The product is available to purchase from the Fragrance Direct website (link)

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Have you tried the W7 Photo Shoot Foundation? Are you a W7 fan?