What Is A Bounce Rate? And How Can I Lower It?

What Is A Bounce Rate and How Can I Lower It?
What Is A Bounce Rate?

A Bounce Rate is the percentage of single page sessions. This means that the person who lands on your site leaves your site without interacting with the page. A high bounce rate is something you’re likely to see if you have a single page website, poor design or even if you’re not writing content that is targeted to your audience.

How Can I Lower My Website’s Bounce Rate?

Firstly you want to find what is causing your bounce rate to be so high. To do this you want to look at your audience, their interests, age, gender etc. You want to do this to make sure that you are creating content that interests your audience. Lets be honest, if you’re writing content about elderly retirement but your demographic is prominently 16-25 year olds, they’re probably not going to be interested. But what if you are producing content that is targeting at your audience and you posts are still receiving high bounce rates? Well it could be that you are producing poor quality thin content. If your content is made up of a couple of sentences or you content doesn’t contain any useful or interesting information, perhaps it is time to reconsider what you are writing. Another thing you want to check is that your website design and functionality works on a whole range of devices. Your high bounce rate could well be down to the fact that certain users are actually unable to use certain pages and use your site hassle free on their devices. Other things that could be causing your high Bounce Rate could be incorrectly implementing the tracking code on your website, the use of poor and irrelevant keywords and even poor AdWords campaigns. Thankfully these three things are pretty easy to fix but if unidentified they could make your website look like it is performing rather poorly.

What Is An Ideal Bounce Rate?

There really isn’t an overall ideal Bounce Rate as it depends on your site, industry and a whole host of other factors. However if I were to personally suggest a generic ideal bounce rate I’d say aim for something between 20% and 40%. Obviously the lower your Bounce Rate the better but keep in mind that to lower it you really do need to put effort in and get identifying those pages and issues which are causing your percentage to rocket.


You will never have a bounce rate of 0% if you are tracking properly. Why? Because there will always be reasons why people exit. Someone might be looking for an answer to a question and they might not have found the answer to it on your page therefore they exit. Another person might have accidentally clicked on your content. Both count as bounces. Sure in an ideal world we’d like every single visitor to interact and find our content useful but at the end of the day you cannot please or help everyone on the planet, it is just a fact of life. As long as you’re effectively identifying issues and resolving problems, you will certainly see your Bounce Rate lower. And remember, you want to lower your Bounce Rate, not increase it!

What are your top tips for lowering a website’s Bounce Rate?